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It has been nine years since M.M.LaFleur was founded to offer professional women access to different types of clothes. This would help those who are busy working extra hours to avoid wasting time shopping for clothes. Also, it was formed to cater to specific clothing needs, which would keep women comfortable at work, such as modified sweat absorbers that keep someone fresh and ready to work. However, reaching the customers was not easy, and the company had to launch new advertising strategies. In general, the company has succeeded in helping many professional women and has made profits since it was established If you need to travel to Africa, visit Reisen Safari Kenya.


Think core in business means the main activity of an institution, organization, or company and how it must be positioned in an advantageous position to make profits. In this case, advertising the company on billboards for potential clients to see when commuting to work is a promising strategy that puts the company ahead in getting potential clients. M.M.LaFleur also uses an argument product by producing garments with added features compared to others. For instance, they have modified pads that absorb sweat and snaps that hold the bra. Additionally, pants contain hidden buttons that help adjust pants to different sizes. Also, there are specific conditions and attributes the buyer expects when purchasing the garments, commonly known as the expected level. In this case, all the garments are in good brand-new condition, and all the attributes are as expected. The company produces the most value at the argument level due to the uniqueness of the garments.


M.M.LaFleur uses behavioral and psychographic methods of segmenting the market. This is because the companies’ hierarchy starts by studying the behavior of most career women and how they spend their time. Through a consistent pattern, they notice most professional women lack desirable garments and time that can keep them comfortable at work. The psychographic method is another strategy used by the institution and can be witnessed through the advertisement method. Advertising on billboards, especially on highways, is psychological


The Success of M.M.LaFleur in capturing the attention of most women has resulted from its strategic marketing. The company uses differentiated marketing as a strategy to capture a specific kind of customer. Apart from considering the needs of a specific gender, they can concentrate on a specific group of professional women. This specific choice of grouping the most favorable customers helps the institution in product specialization, developing the most desirable and comfortable garments for women in different professions If you need a similar paper visit Term Paper.


Social media is one of the most effective and costly ways of market targeting. For instance, the charges for Facebook ads are $0.5 per click, and with a large number of people spending their time on social media platforms, especially when they are free, it becomes easy to get new customers (Fiegenbaum & Thomas, 2017). Broadcast advertising is another appropriate way to increase the number of customers in M.M.LaFleur. This is because broadcast advertisements can display the company’s offers on TV and other broadcasting platforms. Additionally, Paid Search Advertising is another effective way of advertisement. By adopting this method, M.M.LaFleur can pay google for the ads and appear on top of the search bar whenever an interested client wants more information about the company. And finally, the company should also consider using content marketing. This involves distributing and publishing the company’s content through the proper utilization of targeted marketing. Through this strategy, the company can present its unique content to customers and get the best response by reaching new customers.


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