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Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The difference you need to know about

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Most people confuse between logistics and supply chain like they both are the same, and the thing you all need to know about is logistics management is a small portion of supply management. They combine the flow of goods, information, services and capital right from raw material to its final consumer. Melbourne is the city in Australia where there are many best teams for web development in Melbourne to promote your business. Here are some differences between logistics and supply china management that you need to know. 

Supply chain management

It involves collaboration between firms to connect customers, suppliers and other partners. It always boosts efficiency and producing value for the end consumer. Supply chain management is the efforts of a number of the organization working together as a supply chain which helps manage the flow of the raw materials and ensure the final value of the provided goods. 


Logistics is the part of the supply chain process which plans, implements and control the efficient effective forward and reverses flow and services and related information between the point of origin and the consumption in order to meet the requirement of the customer’s. Logistics ensure the customer receives the desired product at the right time and place with the right quality and price. 

Key differences between logistics and supply chain

The supply chain is a way to link major business processes within and across companies where logistics refers to the movement, flow of goods, storage and information inside and outside the organization. The main focus of logistics is meeting customer requirements, where supply chins focus is a competitive advantage. In a single world, logistics is an activity within the supply chain. 

Wrapping it up

There are many companies that offer you the service of logistics and supply chain Australia. Consider approaching them to get promote your business to the next level. 


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