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Lock Out for These Common Orthodontic Problems in Children

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Most people detect anomalies in the alignment of the teeth and jaws of their Orthodontic Problems in Children at an early age. Seven is consider one of the most appropriate ages to take your child for a visit at the Orthodontist Melbourne to have a look at their teeth and jaws. The orthodontist alleviates various issues related to tooth injuries, teeth tenderness, crossbite, teeth tenderness, missing teeth, crooked teeth, and more.

Parents may find the Best Orthodontist in Melbourne to provide the best care to their children only if they are aware that their children are having an issue from among the ones as above. This blog is all about making you aware of what tooth anomalies that your child may be having that you might have overlooked.

Here is a list of the most common orthodontic problems to look out for in your children.

1. Abnormal Eruptions

It is one of the most common problems that are highly prevalent in children. When the children lose their milk tooth, the new teeth, AKA permanent teeth, appear. When this permanent tooth emerges at the wrong place, it is called abnormal eruptions.

2. Crossbite

It is a type of teeth misalignment where the teeth cross over each other by fitting inside and outside on the upper jaw and lower jaw, respectively that it is call the crossbite, which means when biting normally the teeth that are suppos to come down in front of the lower teeth.

3. Extra Space

The teeth grow with respect to the size of the jaw to stay aligned and fit perfectly. This problem mostly arises when the jaw of the child is comparatively small, the teeth with respect to the smaller jaw size also grow small. This would leave extra spacing in between the teeth.

4. Crowding

As the name suggests, the number of teeth that are suppos to fit in the jaw is more, making the jaw crowded with extra teeth erupting from the jaw.

5. Misplaced midline

Generally, there is a perfect alignment of the center of the upper front teeth and lower front teeth. If your child does not have this perfect alignment means the upper front teeth do not line up with the lower ones the child has misplaced midline.

6. Underbite

You might have seen certain people who are often compar with bulldog appearance. This is because of the unaddressed underbite issue. The lower teeth are far forwar and the lower teeth are far backwar, as a result of the undergrowth of the upper jaw or overgrowth of the lower jaw that such a problem is call an underbite.

7. Open bite

It is a misalignment of the teeth where the lower teeth and upper teeth do not meet upon closing the mouth; then, it is referre to as an open bite problem.

Addressing these orthodontic problems at an early age would keep the children away from the issues that may arise later on with the increase in age and number of permanent teeth. So, if you observe any of these problems in your children. Find the Best Orthodontist in Melbourne near you and get the appropriate treatment done.

Source: Lock Out for These Common Orthodontic Problems in Children


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