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List of Top 10 Merger and Acquisition Consulting Firm

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Mergers and acquisitions are becoming the new normal in the modern business world. 2020 witnessed global deals with the whopping USD 20 trillion in the M&A space. Even the impact of the global pandemic hasn’t stifled global M&A activity. According to Ernst and Young, 79% of US companies have indicated that they are likely to be accelerating M&A activities, joint ventures and alliances post the Presidential Elections. Thus, the demand for consultants handling mergers and acquisitions consultants is going to be tremendous. Here is a list of leading mergers and acquisitions consultants:

AKM Global

With almost four decades of experience, a vast and expert team, and a network across the globe, AKM Global is one of the best firms for M&A consulting. Their services encompass every level of M&A deals, and their team ensures glitch-free completion of the deals.


The London-based consultancy firm has offices across the world and a leadership team with plenty of experience. Their expertise in different laws ensures that they remain one of the foremost firms in M&A.

Bain & Co

It is a global management consultancy firm with experience of more than three decades. With a headquarter in the world’s most powerful country, Bain & Co has both the experience and the requisite team to assist with M&A transactions.


PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PWC as it is fondly known, is part of the big four in the field of professional services. The firm has offices worldwide and a professional network that boasts amongst the best in the world.


An Anglo-Dutch firm, KPMG, was founded in 1987 and still remains one of the world’s best consultancy firms. Their expertise in management consultancy, as well as taxation, makes them a favourite for M&A deals.

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston BCG group remains one of the largest and most sought-after management consultancy firms. With a rich history of almost 50 years apart, the company is one of the largest in terms of revenue and reputation.

McKinsey & Co.

The American firm has experience spanning almost a century and remains one of the foremost authorities in consultancy. With their experience and knowledge in advisory services related to mergers and strategic management, McKinsey & Co is amongst the preferred firms for the execution of M&A deals.

Morgan Stanley

The American company that also possesses experience as an Investment banker has experience of more than 70 years. Their ability and knowledge as investment bankers allow them to execute a deal from start to end.

Goldman Sachs

The global giant situated in the world’s financial capital is one of the most well-known Investment Banking firms. Their inherent expertise lies in both financing and brokering deals.


Counted among the Big four firms in accountancy and management consultancy, Deloitte has a history of more than 150 years. Headquartered in London and offices worldwide, Deloitte is one of the major mergers and acquisitions consultants.

M&A is a complex world with multiple facets involved that might pose as a dealbreaker. Mergers and acquisitions consultants ensure that such deal breakers are resolved quickly.


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