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List Of Top 10 Die Stamping Companies In India

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Looking for the best die-stamping companies in India? Choosing the right metal stamping company is the first step towards the success of your manufacturing business. While there are multiple die stamping companies in India, not all of them are reliable partners.

Hence, we have compiled a list of India’s top 10 die stamping companies to help you find the suitable one.

Top 10 Die Stamping Companies in India

1] Eigen Engineering

To begin with, one of the best die stamping companies in India is Eigen Engineering. It is trustworthy and a reliable partner as a metal stamping company. Established in 2006, Eigen Engineering has its headquarters in Bangalore. Eigen is a known name in India and in the global markets, including the USA, Europe and UK. They offer high-quality and bespoke solutions to their customers at reasonable prices.

Eigen specialises in the design, development, as well as manufacturing of high-performing die stamping tools, precision metal stamping, plastic injection moulds, prototype tools, electroplating, and many other things. They manufacture durable, reliable and complex tools and components with higher precision.

2. Concord Technology

Concord Technology, another leading company, was established back in 1999. It is an ISO 9001 certified company that is known for providing decent quality products as well as tailor-made solutions to the customers. It also is based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

3. Adhichakram Pressing Private Limited

Based out of Chennai, Adhichakram offers services like metal pressing, forging, and assembly solutions. They also produce automobile brake parts. They are reliable and trustworthy for quality.

4. Akshar Products

Akshar Product is a metal stamping company established in 1998. They offer excellent services and products both for domestic and commercial operations. Also, Akshar Products specialise in high-quality brass components parts. Further, the company is based out of Gujarat.

5. Chopra Industries Pvt Ltd

Situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, the company manufactures tubular components and sheet metals for the auto industry.

6. Shah Parekh Engineering Pvt Ltd

With a vast experience of around 40 years, Shah Parekh is one of the most reliable companies known for designing and manufacturing precision sheet metal components.

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7. Prasad Engravers Pvt Ltd

Prasad Engravers was established in 1990 and is today regarded as a leading manufacturer, exporter as well as supplier of signages, labels, nameplates, signboards and other signage products. They are located in Bhosari, Pune.

8. Urastun Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Urastun is another manufacturing company that offers quality metal products to various industries. They widely use die stamping, assembly among other technologies.

9. Ashoka Industries

Ashoka Industries have been manufacturing, designing and exporting professional-grade sheet metal and high-precision components in India. The company is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

10. N. S. Precision Works Pvt. Ltd.

They are a well-known supplier and manufacturer of sheet metal and plastic components. They offer very reliable and affordable customised solutions to their customers.

This post outlines one of the best die-stamping companies in India. It is advisable to go through their website to learn about what makes these die companies unique.


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