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List of top Pakistani clothes brands in the UK

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If you are looking for some of the best Pakistani clothing brands based in the UK, you are in luck as there are many different outlets and collections to marvel at. While there are certain niches, the demand is quite high, so you can be sure that there are items near you at a reasonable price.

In fact, there are a dozen Pakistani clothing brands with collections available. However, you will only want the best and the most attractive. Here are some of the best Pakistani clothing brands in the UK:

Filhaal UK

Filhaal UK is a solid, professional, trustworthy and popular website offering all types of Pakistani clothing. Dedicated exclusively to women’s clothing, this is a convenient way to find items for girls, teens, adults, and older women. In terms of price and quality, they are practically unbeatable. The reason for such a large collection is simply because customer choice is highly valued.

Here you will find a complete selection of scarves, dupattas, abayas, clothing and designer clothes. State-of-the-art, fully tailored suits are available. You don’t need a tailor to adjust, all you have to do is inform someone here and they will get to work right away.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a big name in the Pakistani fashion world. He was named Best Brand Designer in 2012 and offers the uniqueness and quality that attracts so many fans and customers. They have all kinds of categories, namely Luxury Lawn, Orne, Zartaar, Organza, and Luxury Pret.

Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir has been around for a while, 1995 to be precise. You are one of the most versatile designers in Pakistan. They celebrate all kinds of cultures and occasions with their unique patterns and colors. Quality, innovation, and affordability are the keys to the clothes brands that gives them such an advantage over many competitors.


A fashion brand with beautiful clothes brands at reasonable prices. It has its roots in the Madni textile group. Made of sheer fabric, they feature updated designs in floral or geometric shapes. They have all kinds of items available, namely their embroidery collection, winter collection, luxurious formal, winter luxury, and luxurious Eid embroidery collection.


Baroque just wants to work to succeed and prosper with the latest styles of casual wear. With more than thirty years of experience, this brand likes to stick with improved fabrics that become perennial and fashionable items for all types of people. It will transform a person into a more elegant version of themselves, keeping the oriental aspects to the end.


This brand has a trend towards a solid color base for all clothing. Lavish prefers to craft the most intricate designs to the utmost perfection. The lavishly embroidered versions are beautiful and have fine royal tones. If you search online, you will find that their collections are easily accessible to those currently in the UK.


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