Lip fillers: A long-lasting lip liner

long-lasting lip liner

Many people out there are questioning their facial features. Not everyone gets sharp features, especially when it comes to lips. When someone wants to change their features desperately, plastic surgeries would be the only answer. Thankfully, there came minimal technology to enhance lips. Yes, lip fillers are now commonly in use. Using them can help one get the perfect lips of both shape and size. 

The upper lip to lower lip ratio is given as 1:1.6. This size is what makes the perfect lip feature. Lip augmentation can help get these easily. It is a cosmetic technique and helps one get plumpy lips. There are different types of lip fillers in the market and one can pick the right one for themselves.

What are the types?

The following types of lip fillers are the most common ones.

1.Hyaluronic Acid lip injection

These are the most popular and widely used lip injections of all time. They are considered safer to use than the other kinds of injections. It gives quicker results thus, enhancing lip shapes in about a week.

What is it made up of?

As the name suggests, they use Hyaluronic acid. It is a natural substance produced by the human body. Hyaluronic acid is seen in the skin and eyes, primely. They help in retaining water content and keep up moisture. There is a range of benefits of this compound. Some of them are;

Softer skin

As they are naturally present in the body, they play a significant role in skin softening. Because of its capacity to retain water, it keeps the skin hydrated and supple. Thus, it can also prevent the formation of wrinkles due to aging.

Helps damage repair

Hyaluronic acid can help the damaged skin to heal faster. At the damage site, there is a breakage of blood vessels. Hyaluronic acid signals the body to build up these blood vessels.

It is a painless procedure and, sometimes local anaesthesia might help. The lifetime of a hyaluronic lip injection varies and depends on the type that is used. These injections give immediate results that last for about six to eight months.

2.Collagen lip injection

This lip injection was commonly used earlier but its usage has declined over the years. Collagen is a protein molecule also produced by the human body. It is a part of the connective tissue that make up the bones, skin, muscles and many others.

It helps in lip augmentation by stimulating higher collagen level in the body. It thereby aids the lips to attain a thick and appropriate volume. Other than plumping lips, collagen is also beneficial in filling scars and wrinkles.

Collagen lip augmentation is a straightforward procedure and does not take much time. The lip filler is directly injected into the lips. It is painless but there might be some irritation. The gel enters the lips and gets evenly spread. The filled lips can last for about eighteen months but vary among people.

Why are lip injections preferable?

The first and prime benefit of lip augmentation is that they help one’s lips attain the perfect shape and volume. With ageing, skin problems and shrinkage of the lip volume is natural. But for someone who wants to stay young all the time, lip injections help greatly.

Undoubtedly, lip injections are a quick and painless procedure. Unlike surgical methods, which take a lot of time and impose pain, lip augmentation only involves an injection process.

Lip injections are of natural substances like Collagens and hyaluronic acid. So, they are safe to be put to use on sensitive areas like the lips.

To conclude, lip fillers can give the best and safest results helping one get their dream lips.

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