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Linksys Smart WiFi Extender ! Several Things You Should Have Know

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A Linksys smart WiFi extender provides better wi-fi connectivity for large areas. Internet is provided through Wi-Fi in it. Wi-Fi is wireless fidelity and this technology is very famous now some days. This is a technology through which we use the Internet or network connection. In this, we can use the Internet in a fixed area only. Nowadays, everyone gets devices like routers and extenders in their house and access the internet with WiFi. With this technology, we can connect our mobile phones, computer laptops, dongles to the internet in a fixed area.

Linksys Smart Wifi is free of charge that comes with an extender. Which gives your home a strong and powerful range. You can immediately take advantage of your home organization to check the wi-fi network status of your device, give a guest wi-fi network to the web, or square your youngster’s PC from getting to unsafe sites

The Linksys smart wifi extender technology is very popular, it is mainly used the home user and small business organizations. It includes many features and functions. It takes many advantages and easily log-in, setup, changes the password, and updates the extender. The Linksys extender range is better than the router.

Access the Login page of Linksys  smart WiFi extender

If you access the login page of Linksys extender, for this you know the Linksys website. By logging something, its security remains. To login to the Linksys extender, at first check, the extender has properly connected the PC or laptop. You have to check the symbol of the wifi on your selection to see if the proper wi-fi range is coming in it. Then, launch any internet browser such as Google, chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, and any other. If you do not have an internet browser on your PC, then you will have to download it from your source. After opening the browser window, type the linksyssmartwifi.com login into the browser search bar, and tap enter button.

The Linksys wifi extender login page will appear on the PC screen. Then, show the two blank columns, username, and password. You type the username ID and password and click on log-in.

Knowledge about the setup of Linksys extender

If you set up the Linksys WiFi extender, so it eliminates the dead zone and expands or increases the wi-fi range. Children play online games and at the same time you watch HD movies, videos, and you can do online shopping. At first, attach the Linksys extender to the power circuit utilize the power cable. Wait for sometime when the light is solid. After that, connect the computer to the extender, you can utilize the ethernet cable to connect the extender with the computer.

Once you check the device is properly connected or not. After connecting, open the web browser and type extender.linksys.com and press the enter button of the computer keyboard. You will ask for the username ID and password then, you fill in the details. Click on log-in, and then you will see the option of set up. It will give some instructions, you will have to follow them. Then your Linksys extender will be set up.

Change password of the Linksys extender

There should also be knowledge to change the password of the Linksys smart wifi extender. It is simple and effortless to change the password. If you want to change the password, you will have to log in first. Open the web browser of your choice. After that enter the linksyssmartwifi.com and then he will ask you for your username and password. So you have to write the Admin in both the fields and then click on log-in.

Then, you will see the setup page, click on it. After clicking, you will see the option of administration, click on it. Under the Administration section, you will see three fields of change password. In the first field write the default password, the second field write the new password and the third field write the confirm the new password. And finally, click on apply. Now, your extender password is successfully changed.

Update the Linksys smart WiFi extender

You should also have knowledge of the update linksys smart wifi extender, only then it will work properly. Now, You have to login first to update it. You can use a web browser to log in. Type the IP address or official website and hit enter. Fill in the username and password and click on log-in. After that you will see the option, you have to update, then you have to click on the option of Administration. Within the administration option there will be a section of the firmware update, click on it. After that there will be an option to upgrade, click on it, then after 10 seconds, your extender will be updated.

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