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A Review of Lincoln Stretch Limos Rental Services Near Me

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The first time I ever rented a limo rentals near me, it was for an evening out at the club called Stereo, near Covent Garden in London. At the time, I didn’t really know what to expect. The bar area was a little bare, and I had only seen bouncers at clubs before. In fact, they rarely showed up at clubs unless there was a limo rental near me.

The driver quickly brought the car to my location and we all stepped out. There were about 10 passengers in the car, and the driver started the engine and raised the top to bring the limo to the front of the limo.

We all sat in the back and ordered what we wanted and the driver drove us around to the front of the limos, which were waiting like any other limos. We all settled into our seats and the chauffeur opened the door for us and we all stepped out. There was a very courteous and polite waitress with glasses of wine waiting by the table. She came over to ask if we had already pre-booked any limos and we told her no, that we were still trying to find limos that fit our dates.

Limousine rental:

She motioned to a limo, a sedan, that was parked next to us and said “Can you take this to your location?” The chauffeur looked over and said “Oh, that’s our limo.” She motioned again and said “No, it’s just a sedan. It’s going to be at your location in fifteen minutes tops.”

She drove us to our location and the Lincoln stretch limo was waiting outside. When the limo door opened we all walked in and the chauffeur led me and another passenger inside. As we stepped out the limo there were already five or six cars there waiting for a passenger van.

The Lincoln stretch limos came out and the chauffeur opened the door for me and my party of eight passengers. He said “The limos are ready for your ride home. Would you like to start up the car?” I said “Thank you” and started the door. Within a few moments, we were all seated and the limos were waiting outside for us.

Rent a limo:

They handed me a ticket and we were led into the limo rentals near me. We all looked at each other and the Hummer limos had become just a regular limousine service. I noticed two women with purses and a guy with a walker stepping out of one of the limos.

There are many great wedding car rentals in the greater Los Angeles area and this should not be a surprise to anyone. If you have a large wedding party or just need transportation for yourself and your friends or family, this is definitely a service that might work for you.


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