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Life Is Strange: 10 Most Dangerous Characters In The Series

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A lot of different kinds of people live in the Life is Strange series. These are the most dangerous.

It’s easy to get hurt and betrayal in the Life is Strange series. No matter what choices players make, they will always come across people whose power, which is sometimes secret, will make the game less fun for them.

Dangerous characters are what make the Life is Strange series what it is. They are known for having quick mood swings, acting in strange ways, and having generally twisted personalities. Sometimes they are easy to spot, but they always end up being a pain for the player or an NPC at some point in the story they’re a part of.

Charles Eriksen – Life Is Strange 2

charles from Life Is Strange 2 praying

Life is Strange 2: Charles is the father of Chris, a boy who makes friends with Daniel in the second episode. Even though the contacts with Charles are pretty small, it turns out that he turned to drinking to deal with his grief after his wife died. During the game, he doesn’t act badly toward Sean and Daniel, but it is slowly revealed that he can be rough with his son at times. This is most clear if the player chooses to play Captain Spirit, the free add-on game.

No, he doesn’t really pose a threat to people playing the game, but he should be taken into account as a possible threat. His dangerous side is clear from the fact that he wants to have an add-on that lets you see more of Charles and his son Chris’s lives.

Diane – Life Is Strange: True Colors

diane from life is strange: true colors

Indeed, Diane is one of the two main bad guys in True Colors. Gabe Chen was killed when a bomb went off in the mountains when someone called to say that people were there. She works for Typhon and helps hide the whole story. At first, some people might think she is just faithful and focused on her job, but it turns out she is very selfish and even evil.

She keeps gaslighting Alex in public even after Alex tells everyone that Jed pushed her down into a cave. Players should always be careful of her because she doesn’t seem to care about people who are having a hard time and doesn’t feel sorry for them.

David Madsen – Life Is Strange

David from Life Is Strange in his security uniform

We all know that David gets his forgiveness arc when he helps Max at the end of Episode 5, but during the first few episodes of Life is Strange, players didn’t trust him.

David is mostly just a jerk in Life Is Strange. He picks on Kate Marsh even though he knows she’s having a rough time, and he keeps creepy pictures of students he thinks are acting badly. He uses his time in the service to explain away his actions, but he is always mean to all of his students, especially Chloe. Certainly, he did make things right, but for the most part of the game, he seems like a pretty rough and dangerous person.

Victoria – Life Is Strange

victoria from life is strange

Victoria is a normal popular girl who is also cocky. She’s rude and only cares about herself because she’s rich and famous and thinks the world swirls around her. She picks on Max in Life is Strange for no reason, and players don’t want to upset her because she has a lot of power over the other kids. She will say things that make it sound like she’s going to do everything she can to make Max’s life a living hell if she does deal with her.

It’s dangerous for Victoria to try to stay at the top of the food chain and be better than everyone else. People who play should be careful when making choices that involve her. Because she will do anything to get what she wants.

Merrill – Life Is Strange 2

merrill from life is strange 2

Chapter 3 of Life Is Strange 2 is where the player meets Merrill. At that time, Sean and Daniel are working on a weed farm. He is mean to his employees and sometimes seems to enjoy abusing his power. At one point, he didn’t pay any of the workers because Daniel went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. He often tells the workers how thankful they should be to work there and that they need to “learn a lesson.”

At the end of the episode, when Sean breaks into his house to get his money. His dangerous side is shown the most. Merrill walks in with a shotgun and is ready to kill everyone in the room, even a child. He is selfish, strict, and mean, and many people were hurt by what he did in this show.

Nathan – Life Is Strange

nathan from life is strange shouting

Nathan is the worst person in the world. A rich, spoiled kid who has never had to deal with not getting what he wants. He knows himself well and is mean, which is not a good mix.

Nathan hits and swears at innocent people and drugs Kate Marsh without seeming to feel bad about it. He only cares about himself and his future. At the end of the game, he does say that he feels bad about killing Rachel Amber. This doesn’t make up for how he behaved for most of the story, though.

Finn – Life Is Strange 2

finn from life is strange 2 in hospital

A lot of players love Finn, and in Episode 3 of Slope Game, Sean might even fall in love with him. But he is selfish and doesn’t think things through, even though this. He made a big mistake when he sent Daniel to steal money from Merrill. The person can agree with this or not, but it takes place anyway. Sean knows it’s wrong to put a child in such a dangerous position. Even if he doesn’t agree with Finn’s plan. He gave in to his greed.

An important point is made by Finn’s character. People don’t have to be completely bad and evil to be seen as risky. But being self-centered and not thinking things through will change how people see them. Finn doesn’t seem like a threat at first, but the way he thinks makes him very likely to hurt someone.

Lisbeth – Life Is Strange 2

lisbeth from life is strange 2 surrounded by fire

It was very dangerous to be around Lisbeth. One of the most tense parts of any Life is Strange game was when she used Daniel against him in Episode 4. Like most of the threats in the series, Lisbeth has a lot of layers that make her an even bigger threat when they are looked at more closely.

She not only tricked Daniel into thinking Sean was cruel. But she also used a whole town full of kids and adults for her own gain. She kept a little girl sick on purpose by not giving her medicine. And she kicked a boy out of the community because he was gay. She kept them going by calling herself the “mother” and the rescuer, even though she wasn’t.

Jed Lucan – Life Is Strange: True Colors

jed from true colors

Even though Jed Lucan was praised as a hero at the start of True Colors, he was anything but. He lied and got all the fame from it, but he didn’t tell anyone about the mistake he made many years ago when he left his men to die underground. Many years later, when Alex is almost ready to find out the truth. He thinks that the best thing to do is to shoot her. He had no idea she would fight him when she came back.

Alex laughs in her face and tells her he’s not coming back when he does. What else could that mean about a real, scary bad guy?

Mark Jefferson

mark jefferson from life is strange

The most shocking story twist in any Life Is Strange game right now is still Mr. Jefferson’s bad side coming out. He was always sneaky and kept his cool. But it turned out he was an obsessed killer with anger problems and a hidden hideout.

What’s most interesting about him are the clues they give about his other personality during both the first and second plays through. “I could frame any one of you in a dark corner and capture you in a moment of desperation,” he says, and that’s exactly what he did the whole time.


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