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Life altering Bariatric surgery to switch on an active lifestyle

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Benefits of bariatric surgery 

Obesity is a chronic disease that is difficult to treat and can also be a root cause for many other life-threatening conditions. Treatment for obesity goes beyond a quick diet or surgery; however, bariatric surgery can definitely change your life for the better. At ALSA Pakistan, Dr Tahir Yunus performs both types of bariatric surgeries, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass to help you with;

  • Significant weight loss
  • Improving or eliminating other health conditions
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Enabling active lifestyle
  • Joint pain relief
  • Improve fertility
  • Decreased mortality

Diet after bariatric surgery 

It is important to comprehend that there will be many changes in your life after the bariatric surgery. You will be taking a liquid or pureed diet for 2-3 weeks after your surgery. You will slowly and gradually add soft foods and then regular foods into your diet. You will be likely eating the regular foods for almost by six weeks.

 At first, you will feel full very rapidly after eating because your new stomach pouch or gastric sleeve can hold only a small amount of food. Even when your pouch or sleeve is stretched, it won’t hold more than 1 cup of chewed food, and a normal stomach can hold up to 4 cups of chewed food.  

When you start eating solid food, each bite must be chewed very slowly and completely because the opening of your new stomach will be very small, and the food that is not chewed well can block the opening and cause pain under your collar bone or may lead you to vomit.   

Liquid intake after bariatric surgery

Stay hydrated! You will need eight glasses of water or other liquids that do not have calories every day. Avoid drinking while you are eating and 60 minutes before and after you eat. You have to take small sips and do not gulp or use a straw while drinking.

Vitamins after bariatric surgery 

Because of the rapid weight loss, you will need to be careful that you get all the vitamins and nutrients you get as you recover. If you have gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, you will need to take extra vitamins and minerals, including multivitamins, vitamin 12, calcium, vitamin D, and iron. It is important that your body receives all the nutrition it needs without taking too many calories.

Lifestyle after bariatric surgery 

Active lifestyle, walk and exercise are encouraged after bariatric surgery. After surgery, most patients feel more energetic, and they want to do exercise. Exercise is encouraged, and it helps to maintain weight loss long term. Each patient is different, and we give customized guidelines about the intensity and duration of exercise to our patients.

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery 

Pregnancy should be avoided for about 12-18 months after the surgery until you reach your lowest possible weight and you can ensure that your body has adequate nutrients and strength. In addition, weight loss surgery also helps infertility and can solve the problems of patients who were not able to conceive.


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