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Leveraging Influencer Marketing Campaigns In Dubai In 2021

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Picture this, you are the director of marketing of a renowned brand of cosmetic products and fashion accessories based out of Europe. Your organization wants to diversify the market by gaining a foothold in the Asian market.

You have identified Dubai as the first stop for starting the marketing campaign and the first store is slated to come up within a month. So how do you plan the advertisement campaign? Sure, the billboards with the celebrity’s faces will be there to get the eyeballs, but so has all the other companies gone about doing business. If you are worried about how you are going to build up customer connections – your answer could be an influencer marketing agency in Dubai.

Now let’s turn to another scenario. Imagine you are a local business based in Dubai and you are struggling to find your foothold among the other larger players in your domain. You have a great product that your existing customers already love and you have the potential to grow.

All you need is a marketing campaign but the budget is way ahead of your coffers. How would you connect to a new base of customers and yet won’t spend a fortune? The answer is an influencer marketing agency in Dubai.

Looking at both the above scenarios we can all agree that Influencer Marketing is here to stay and flourish in the coming days. This is the only program that is unparalleled in success as well as cost-effective.

Dubai is at the centre stage of today’s world business and caters to all major brands. A diverse population of tourists from all over the world converge regularly in Dubai. Apart from tourists various other expatriates also live and work in Dubai, making it a very interesting canvas for Influencer Marketing.

The social structure in and around Dubai and other countries in Asia dictates that personal relationships are special and who’s who are chosen over types of professional relationships. This makes influencer marketing a far more viable option for marketing strategists in and around this area.

The basis of influencer marketing is that known faces root or talk about products or services that your organization might offer. These faces are not that of international celebrities or sportspersons or performers. Influencers are parts of the local population who gather celebrity-hood or stardom via sharing of interesting and appealing content and thereby garnering a following or several subscribers to their social media accounts.

While looking for influencer marketing there are three things that one should keep in mind:

  1. What kind of product or service are you selling?
  2. Which influencer has the right image to align with your product or service for promotion?
  3. How do you plan to use the influencer to reach the maximum effectiveness of your marketing campaign?

For instance, if you are selling fashion accessories you need to find someone like @aiisharamadan to build up trustworthiness and reputation for your brand, similarly, if you are selling fitness products you have to resort to influencers like @soueelt to speak about your brand.

Next in line is leveraging the follower base by creating an advertisement that will appeal to the users following your influencer. This area truly opens up a floodgate of creativity. While one may simply ask the influencer to post photos with their product or mention them in Instagram or Facebook stories more creative approach can be adopted.

A short video entailing the benefits of using your product, the prestige value of the item explained by an influencer will attract extra eyeballs. Various options like IGTV or Reels on Instagram can be utilized, while Facebook Live may also be resorted to in this category. Advertisements can be based on the product and the needs of the customers and can be made to be fun and interactive.

Before embarking on this journey it is recommended that thorough research is conducted to find out what strategy will suit your product the best. The type of organization that you are – a large multinational, a local giant, or a small business trying to find your foothold.

You would also need to be aware of your competitors since nearly everyone is resorting to influencer marketing tactics nowadays. You have to be on top of your marketing game as well as pan out interesting concepts that will be able to triumph over your competition.

The best way to do this is together with an influencer marketing agency in Dubai, your marketing team, and the influencers you may have shortlisted. This will foster an environment of mutual understanding and trust and will ease the process of creating an advertisement campaign by the agency and the Influencer.

Coming back to the topic of the viability of influencer marketing programs let’s lay out the most discerning reasons for resorting to this method over other methods of digital marketing-the connection with the audience-who, in turn, become your customers-are personal, instant and honest. An international face may appear in a heavily edited advertisement but the audience is aware that many things are doctored in the said advertisement. In the case of influencer marketing, however, the make-believe world of mainstream advertising in audio-visual media fades away and your customers start bonding with your product based on their trust and fondness of the said influencer.

Since its inception in 2006, influencer marketing has grown from bloggers writing content for products to influencers making short videos to promote the products. While some influencers strategically plan out their “careers” others simply gather following by sharing rich and interesting content and the list of new influencers is ever-growing. Couple these facts with the vibrant city of Dubai and all you get is endless possibilities of taking your business to the next level.

This is why an influencer marketing agency in Dubai is the one-stop shop for your products, services, or brand promotion by leveraging a local population that has a global flair to it. Setting up and enhancing your business’s outreach at a prestigious and lucrative venue like Dubai is sure to take your business to the next level. Influencer marketing in Dubai can help your organization in its journey to achieving success by utilizing the influencer program and connecting to customers instantly and organically by leveraging a new-age marketing strategy.


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