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Dubai, known as the City of Gold, is one of the largest countries in the United Arab Emirates with a rich economy and highly famous for its oil resources and gold trade. Apart from the economic flourishing, Dubai has an excellent academic system that stands on par with western standards. Schools are equipped with modern infrastructure to facilitate the learning process and give the students a safe learning environment. One of the other highlights of schooling in Dubai especially if your kid is just beginning is the exposure to a multicultural environment that facilitates interaction and engagement of children from different backgrounds. Since they begin from the same level, the differences amongst the students are not a bane but a boon to develop acceptance and respect for every culture as well as a chance to learn about cultures. Even the cost of studying is low as compared to the USA, Australia etc. The schools in Dubai offer good, exceptional and high quality education to kids from a very early age. They ensure that preschoolers and students are shaped as global citizens. Choosing a perfect school for your tiny tot can be a daunting task because the information bombardment can be overwhelming. Here, we have listed the best schools in Dubai out of the lot and it will certainly help you to sieve out the one which suits your requirement the most.

The Global Indian International School: One of the leading schools for pre KG and pre school in Dubai or kindergarten education is GIIS. Accoladed with over 200 awards for its excellence and well curated curriculum, GIIS trains the preschoolers to fit the formal schooling.  One of the major hallmarks of GIIS is the Global Montessori Plus Programme, an award-winning programme which offers a blend of the reputed Montessori approach with best practices of modern pre-school education. The Montessori type of education focuses on experiential learning and develops the motor, fine and creative skills of the child. 

A kindergarten school or preschool curriculum of its kind, GMP rests on five solid pillars that will give the preschoolers a strong stepping stone when they commence their student life. They also offer the  Bridge Programme for Kids that helps the students to start at any time during the school term and receive the assistance they need to catch up with their peers. This specialised programme is accessible for students of all grade levels in order to make up for their lost time, complete important lessons and classwork, and catch up academically with their regular class. Whether it is kindergarten admission, preschool for kids, or any other grade in primary, secondary, or high school – Bridge Program ensures an easy schooling transition.

GEMS New Millennium School: GEMS NMS is a leading dual-curriculum school that offers CBSE and IGCSE. It nurtures innovative, confident and competent learners. The school offers the Early Years Foundation Stage (National Curriculum for England) in the Kindergarten. They offer an enriched CBSE curriculum for students in grade 1 to grade 8. The enriched curriculum promotes skill development, imbibing sensitivity and innovative way of learning. The length and depth of learning is brought into sharp focus that offers challenge and attainment equally. NMS uses the best pedagogical practices and innovative use of learning methods. NMS aspires to instil innovation in the learners. Genius Hour tasks include projects for critical thinking, problem solving, reflection and communication. STEAM-focused learning, entrepreneurial education, design-based innovation, Global Futures Curriculum, Global Innovation Challenge, Project Zero Creating Community of Innovation are some of the effective innovative strategies included in the curriculum. In order to develop the students holistically they offer an array of activities ranging from sports, performing arts, creative arts and public speaking, which are a part of the curriculum itself. NMS endeavours to nurture young people who are technologically literate, self-sufficient, entrepreneurial and academically prepared to become global citizens.

JSS International School: JSSIS believes that every student should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners. They have always aimed to equip the bright Kindergarteners with the skills and mindset to thrive and then take on the world. They teach the child to develop a curiosity of learning, discover their interests and help them grow in their love for learning. All the children are well prepared to face a rapidly changing world at JSS International School. They aim to instil in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective and embed respect for core values of empathy, compassion and honesty. Their attention is on the overall growth and development of the child that is the core focus of the kindergarten phase and lies at the heart of their teaching methodology. The curriculum facilitates learning in all spheres of life and begins at an early age. 

For the preschoolers the aim is to develop basic literacy and numeracy through naturalistic daily activities such as interacting with nature and developing the basics of reading, writing and phonological skills- all this become a part of the pre-academics focus. A language-rich curriculum model including features such as interactive circle times and pretend-play is designed in the kindergarten to enable children to develop their expression and receptive language skills. Students are given opportunities to explore different forms of pre-literacy experiences which are fun and engaging. A well trained faculty ensures that all aspects of the classroom are print rich with things that promote an interest in reading and writing, as well as listening, speaking and viewing. 

The above mentioned schools are the top schools in Dubai especially for your preschoolers. They help to shape and guide the young minds into becoming capable of handling the education they will get in primary school.


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