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Learning Management System Development In Udaipur

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Learning management systems are designed and developed to help brands achieve multiple objectives. While some would use it for online training strategy and desired outcomes, their applications would be different for education portals and organizations.

Yug Technology creates a technology-enhanced learning interface for efficient delivery of training, which is rapidly implemented with great expertise. The system which is compatible with all platforms will help trainers to track reports of the number and details of the trainees who are involved in the training procedure. Our learning management technology can support your current and future education and learning initiatives by making it accessible and meaningful, optimizing costs, and providing you with the tools you would like to manage your training programs effectively.

Upgrade your Education system with LMS Software

Whether you are delivering courses to internal staff or external members Yug Technology’s LMS solutions provide powerful tools to distribute, administer and accurately monitor performance, saving both time and money vs traditional training methods. You will be given a dedicated copy of the LMS, allowing you total control over branding, configuration and customization. This solution is suitable for organizations starting to provide online training or those who feel constrained by their current LMS.

At Yug Technology, we know that truly integrated, innovative digital learning has the power to transform the performance of your learners and organizations. With a deep understanding of learning strategy, design, and technology, we’ll help you realize your goals, and deliver measurable business results—at speed and scale.

Features of our Learning Management System

  • Create automated learning assignments supported nearly any criteria and effective date.
  • Create, manage, and track engaging elearning training content during a secure online environment.
  • Produce or upload training content in online courses associated with skills gaps, compliance training, professional development, and more.
  • Users enrol on courses, track progress and complete learning with real-time updates to training records.


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