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Learning About Different Types of Tyres- Premium, Mid-range, and Budget Tyres

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When it comes to deciding on a tyre for your vehicle, it becomes very confusing. A lot of things strike your minds such as the cost, your budget, model, and many other things. There are three types of tyres- premium, mid-range, and budget. Premium tyres are for the ones who can easily afford to buy high quality and high rated tyres without giving any thinking to the money. Mid-range tyres are for the ones who want a good quality tyre with a lower price than the premium tyres and lastly, there are budget tyres, they are for the occasional drivers who hit the road less frequently.

Importance of good-quality tyres

You will not want to change or replace your tyres every four-five months, therefore it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose. Either you can invest in a good tyre only once and acquire its long-term benefits, or you can invest in a low-budget tyre, again and again, ultimately, wasting money.

It is better to invest in a good quality product for its prolonged benefits instead of wasting your time and money on a product that’s not worth the money. Tyres are an essential part of all vehicles, and so we cannot neglect them or compromise with them. Tyres Alcester is your vehicle’s best friend as they are the ones supporting the vehicle. When you are investing in something big, you should patiently think and understand the use and long-term effects of that thing.

Decisions taken in a hurry and rush are left regretted after some time. Most people do not consider tyres as an important part of the vehicle and hence do not take proper care of them, they just consider the exterior part or the external look of the vehicle, neglecting everything else.

Tyres are dragged, carried and made to run on the roads and highways so harshly that they sometimes wear out, which many people do not look after, resulting in a worsened condition of the tyre. Taking things lightly results in compromising the safety of you, and your vehicle as well. Therefore, before buying the tyres for your vehicle, make sure you make a decision that you won’t regret for the rest of your vehicles’ life. Below are the three types of tyres explained.


As the name suggests “premium”, we understand that these are luxurious tyres, they include the most considerable price tag. Seeing the price of these tyres at first, one may feel sceptical about buying them. But as we know with price comes the quality. The higher the price, the higher the quality will be.

Though these tyres have a high price, they offer you a set of tyres that can undergo the most brutal weather conditions and most soliciting driving. You can get premium tyres from brands- Continental, Bridgestone, etc. To achieve the highest quality of these tyres, they require strict testing. Premium tyres are made using the best compounds and the best tread designs to offer better handling and traction. These aspects play a major role in tyre performance in both dry and wet conditions. Hence, these tyres are best suited for long journeys and trips.


These are the medium-priced tyres between premium and low-budget tyres. They have better durability than the budget tyres, but they can’t sustain in all weather conditions and also do not perform as well as premium tyres do. But one point that everyone likes is that they are cheaper than the premium tyres. Most middle-class people go with these tyres as they cannot afford to buy the premium ones.

These tyres perform well if you drive often, but do not expect much out of them. There is this one thing which is common in all types of tyres, they wear out at some point or the other and so you have to look after them properly, maintain them and get them serviced whenever required for the proper performance. These might be the best choice if you use them adequately.


These tyres work best when something unexpected happens to your tyres. Say puncture, tyre burst, or failure so, you’ll need to get the tyre changed instantly. You can’t carry too much money everywhere, so budget tyres are best for the time being. When you do not have much money with you in your pocket. These Tyres Shaftesbury are also good for those who do not drive much and only when they wish to.

However, they can be a poor choice if you drive frequently or rough. They are fairly not for daily use. Budget tyres are the least durable of all and will certainly wear out faster than the other ones. Hence, you’ll be priced more if you think of budget tyres for your vehicle as they’ll need replacement very fast. And you’ll end up spending more on another set of tyres.


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