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Learn Why Concrete Slabs are Important to Industry

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A jointless concrete floor system is important to consider when building a cold storage building for your business. For more information on jointless concrete floor, click here. In comparison to installing cement with joints, jointless concrete flooring is better because of the following factors:

Lower Maintenance Costs: Due to the consistent mixing of steel fibers, sawn-induced contraction joints are eliminated, resulting in fewer floor problems and lower maintenance costs.

Performance of MHE: With MHE, there is no sawn-induced contraction in the joints, and each panel has steel armies at the corners, which ensures optimum performance.

Improved Production Time: In addition to requiring less steel reinforcement prior to concrete pouring, steel reinforcement in the concrete provides safer working conditions. Concrete can be poured in continuous channels without interruption due to steel reinforcement within the concrete.

Better Long-Term Tolerances for Flatness: Plastic settlement is reduced with SFRC, resulting in much greater achievable tolerances for flatness and no remedial grinding required.

Long-Term Sustainability and Durability: Using re-valued fibres, reducing slab thickness, and replacing cement. Concrete is resistant to impact when steel fibers are uniformly incorporated throughout the concrete.

Improved Design: Increased productivity, thinner slabs that use less concrete, and a more efficient direction of piles and pile spacing can be achieved with value engineered solutions.

Perhaps you are wondering how can you locate a company that can offer these systems to you. We will take care of all your needs and assist you in finding such a company. MEGASLAB® is a full concrete floor and slab company that offers effective concrete flooring services. With time, they have developed a team of highly skilled, efficient professionals. Having years of experience in this field, these professionals are well qualified. With the help of nanotechnology and combination of flexible and durable admixtures to design concrete slabs. For all industries, they provide slabs with exceptional tensile strength.

To ensure the quality of these slabs, the manufactures make sure they have no joints. With MEGASLAB®, you’ll also get faster installation and a much longer lifespan. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit their website.


MEGASLAB® is an established company that offers jointless slabs.

For more information, visit https://megaslab.com/

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2WZi58K


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