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Learn how switching to a new platform can be Beneficial

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Many people, particularly entrepreneurs, target a single platform to expand their businesses via mobile apps. Focusing on one platform for app development enables them to discover all the benefits it has to offer the user. According to a technological assignment writers, the biggest advantage of working on only one platform is that it saves the investor’s time and also monetary resources that can be utilized in other significant areas of the business.

It is always recommended by business strategists to work solely in one area before shifting to the other. This helps in gaining necessary insights about mobile app development, consequently enabling the users to perform better while venturing into the other platform.

Though working in one platform may be advantageous, at some point in time, the owner may want to consider expanding it into another one for the benefits that ensue. For instance, if they earlier chose to function on Android only, now they will want to switch to the iPhone Operating System. Undeniably expansion leads to more reach to customers and eventually higher return on investment.

Not just businesses, people who have been using the Android system for too long might want to convert to iOS for a number of reasons. They will also have lots of data in the form of photos, contacts, videos, notes and a good number of useful apps in their Android phones, which will have to be transferred to the new system. Fortunately, that is possible with some notable exceptions. Here is a complete guide on how Android users can conveniently switch to iOS and what key points they need to consider while doing so.

Before we jump into the processes of conversion, let us understand why shifting to a new platform may be beneficial.

Why move from Android to iOS?

There is a myriad of reasons why one should consider expanding through the other platform. If you have already decided on moving, here are the benefits that you will enjoy. Firstly, there will be a new market to explore. In other words, the Android system and the iOS both have their share of the user’s market. While Android rules in regions of Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa, iOS has a stronghold in North America, Southern, and Western Europe. This means that if you want to navigate through uncharted waters, it is essential that mobile apps be built on both platforms to reach out to more customers. This will make the expansion convenient and more straightforward.

It is true that the Android system is more used by people compared to iOS. Probably because the iPhone Operating System is a little more complex and restricted when it comes to mobile apps and data accessibility, though with a new market, there are more opportunities to increase the user base, converting from iOS to Android will prove to be more valuable than going the other way. More helpful would be developing two versions of the same app so that it functions on both platforms, ultimately boosting the engagement with customers.

Apart from that, users can learn about the probability of profit of both systems before reaching their final decision. Though an expanded user base (Android) will bring in more users, there will be higher investment returns through iPhone operating system. This is majorly because iOS dominates the market in a way that there are more chances of Apple users buying paid apps compared to Android people. This means that although there are more customers of the Android system, having iOS users is just as profitable as only a few users have the capability to generate increased profits. Either way, it is a winning situation.

The Major Differences to Consider

Moving from one platform to another is perhaps not as easy as it sounds. A technical assignments help, while writing a detailed account of this conversion, asserted that there are countless technical things involved in this process that not everyone can deal with. Some of the challenges that the owner will most likely face include; device user interface, navigation and screen size, fonts and programming languages.

The user interface and user-experience design vary greatly among the two systems. As mentioned before, iOS systems have a flat design while developers can follow material design guidelines for Android systems. Apart from that, both use different coding languages. In iOS systems, professionals work with Objective C and Swift, while in the case of Android, they go for Java or Kotlin. Other languages are also used depending on the type of app being built. Lastly, the device screen size and navigation system are completely different too. These include the back option, home button, and overview. These icons are highly impactful on the user interaction with the developed application.

How to Convert?

The most straightforward answer to this question would be hiring an app development professional. By providing them with necessary technical resources such as source code, and documentation they will easily convert from one app to another or can also build two versions for the two platforms. In case you are knowledgeable enough in the field, you can do it on your own too by using relevant software. But this can create common obstacles like functionality errors or performance issues.

It should be noted that converting an app to a different platform requires the development of the app from scratch. The developers first go through all the app requirements and their functions, followed by collecting an in-depth analysis of the entire documentation of the existing app. In the next step, they look into the required design adjustments to create the same user-face as before. This is because both platforms have different designs. With iOS, developers have to stick with flat design patterns, while with Android, they can follow material design guidelines.

Additionally, both systems have different user interface components like navigation bar, back button, call-to-action placement and many more. There are lots of technical issues involved in such conversion; therefore, it is recommended to employ a professional team for this purpose. It will ensure an incredible user experience and exceptional app performance.


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