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The frosty climate in Canada during the winter makes fireplaces not only a luxury but a necessity for many households in Peterborough. It means that fireplace installation, repairing, and maintenance go on all year long. This is why people in Peterborough need a fireplace expert that can assist them with all services regarding heating the home. The Original Flame is at your service with their knowledge and expertise to help you in any issue regarding the heating and cooling systems.

Products provided by The Original Flame

The Original Flame offers several products, such as –


The Original Flame provides a variety of fireplaces in different styles; such as rustic, elegant, and modern. Based on your requirements and preferences, you can go for custom stone finishes, mantels, or wood cabinets. The types of fireplaces offered at the store are gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. Clients can buy traditional-looking fireplaces or fireplace inserts to install on the wall.


Modern stoves are up to 50% more efficient compared to old-fashioned pellet-fed stoves. There are several benefits of these stoves, such as less hauling wood, less chopping, greater return on investment, and less stocking the flames. The Original Flame offers stoves from Regency, a Canadian company that has been making high-quality and highly efficient stoves for more than 30 years. You can go for gloss or matt finish and choose among various color options available.

BBQ and Grill

What can be better than a grill stove to arrange a BBQ in the backyard? The Original Flame offers two types of BBQ and grills. The Saber BBQ comes with burners in separate compartments, which means you can cook your veggies at 300 degrees and your steak at 700 degrees at the same time without burning anything. Another option is the Kamado Joe that offers some of the best ceramic cooker options.

Air conditioners and furnaces

The Original Flame associates with HRH Enterprise Heating & Cooling to offer high-quality installation and replacement services of air conditioners and furnaces. Clients are provided with professional assistance when an air conditioner or furnace at home stops functioning. The established HVAC company makes sure to offer accurate and cost-effective service to each client.

About The Original Flame:

The Original Flame is a locally owned and operated business that is fully insured and a licensed TSSA contractor. The company serves its clients with experienced and skilled technicians. They offer several services, like installing fireplaces and furnaces, repairing, and annual maintenance. Apart from fireplaces, The Original Flames also offers air conditioners, appliances and cookstoves, BBQ and grills, inserts, and furnaces.

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