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English Laundry London wants to sell itself more as something different than an over-priced version of the similar-titled “The Ordinary Laundry”. Unfortunately, that’s just impossible when dealing with perfumes. That takes any inspiration or reference from Creed Aventus at all. since the fan base for this stuff is such obsessive, so rabid, so Foaming-at-The Mouth to defend the right of their scent. As a result, many people find themselves stranded with the “old” versions, including “Aventus”, and “The Ordinary Laundry”. So what’s going on?

First, let’s talk about why the old Laundry London scents were so bad. The base notes in any fragrance are the most important, as they set the tone. Most perfumers will use the same base notes, whether it be rose, amber, vanilla, lilac, or any number of others. Not so with Laundry London, as its base notes are overwhelmingly flowery and cloying. Almost as if they’re trying to say “please put this flower down!” At best, the top notes are barely discernable, while the base notes ramble on, seemingly on their own.

Aventus smells like an extremely expensive English Cologne

Secondly, we have the rich, creamy, and velvety middle notes of Aventus. Which are backed up by deeper, richer notes from patchouli and vetiver. At first sniff, Aventus smells like an extremely expensive English Cologne. Almost as if it was made from expensive gemstones, but upon further investigation. It turns out that this fragrance is nothing more than an over-hyped version of Avedis Eau De Cartier Cologne. Its image as the “it” fragrance is very similar to the one Citron gave way to Gold fragrances.

Moving on, we have Laundry London, a fragrance that is not only beautiful but also smells extremely heavy and earthy almost reminded me of Limoges. The base notes are the same as the Avedis Eau De Cartier. They have a hint of rose oil tinged with ginger. The middle notes are much more floral, with more of the English gardenia and lilac mentioned above. It’s the top notes that take center stage here, with the more delicate nuances of the base notes providing background.

While Avedis Eau De Cartier Cologne once again plays the dominant role. Laundry London takes a back seat to Avedis Eau De Cartier. With a base note that reminds me of orange blossom water. A powerful top note that is almost linear (almost), it would be easy to assume that Laundry London is simply an imitation of its rival. On the first impression, however, this fragrance is anything but that. It has a refreshingly light smell that feels almost like a spring, and the flowery top notes of the Laundry London also have a lightly fruity aspect. It is clean and fresh, and what I find very appealing about Laundry London.

Many Companies have Attempted to Produce Their Own Fragrances!

Many other companies have attempted to cash in on the success of Avedis Eau De Cartier by producing their own version of this classic fragrance, many of which are less than successful. Laundry London is different though, it is a clean, citrusy fragrance that evokes images of beaches, clean water, and the beach (and ocean). It’s the combination of the top notes, the bass notes, and the middle notes that make Laundry London such a wonderfully unique scent, and it would be fair to say that Laundry London is an outstanding modern-day fragrance.

Another scent that you might consider when reviewing fragrances for this particular review is Paris Hilton’s Laundry. The first time I smelled Laundry London, it reminded me strongly of a summer wedding. The floral top notes are reminiscent of cucumbers, and the light florals (which give Laundry London its light and airy scent) are reminiscent of limes and oranges. The middle notes are also light and fresh, almost eucalyptus like, and they remind one of fresh cut grass or the more traditional honeysuckle. The last, and most assertive notes are again the florals, which remind one of jasmine or peach blossoms.

Overall Laundry London is a great fragrance that will please just about everyone who smells it. While it has a great scent, it is also very different from the other English scents reviewed here such as Avedis Eau De Cartier and Armani Eau De Canvas. While the floral top notes of Laundry London are different than the others, it is still an excellent fragrance that remind one of clean cotton and reminds us once again of the English weather and atmosphere of our beloved cities of London and Paris.

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