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Laser hair removal is the process in which the unwanted follicles are removed by light rays. This process has been in use for over two decades now and has become very common for cosmetic procedures. If procedures like waxing, threading, shaving or tweezing cannot be opted then light beams remove the hair in an excellent way for to remove follicles. In this procedure, the light from the radiations is absorbed by the melanin present in the follicle and is converted into heat energy that destroys the follicle’s growth and inhibits their future growth too. This is a very painless but expensive method. People who have darker complexion and dark hair can opt this procedure because it doesn’t remove the follicles permanently but lessens the growth which help in better appearance. Laser hair removal cost in Lahore is less as compared to USA, Canada and UK


Laser hair removal works effectively for removal of follicles from arms, legs, underarms, face and other areas. Light beams target the coarse hairs and do not damage the skin cells in any form. Small fractions of beam can clear unwanted hair within no time. If one person takes multiple sittings for laser hair removal then they can be removed permanently. This procedure does not leave any long-term side effect and is very painless as compared to waving or threading which take a lot of time as well. This procedure is considered very effective because not only does it slow down the growth rate but also does not damage the skin. Before the procedure starts, the area from where the hairs are to be removed is cleansed by applying numbing gel. Numbing gel is applied in cases when the skin is sensitive and takes about 30-60 minutes for the gel to numb the skin. The patient and the dermatologist wear eyewear in order to avoid the light beams. The light beam may feel like warm pinpricks on the skin. Time to remove the follicles varies from area to area. For example; the upper lips take minutes while the areas like back or legs may take more time.

After the laser hair removal treatment, the patients are advised to protect their skin by opting different methods. For instance, avoid direct sunlight from hitting the skin, avoiding any tanning instrument or gel. Some normal side effects may occur that include redness, pink skin, itching or swelling around the treated area. These side effects may last for 2-3 days but two serios side effects include acne and skin discoloration. Some patients show allergy in the treated area so icing the treated area or washing it with cold water after the laser treatment can relieve the side effects. In people with darker complexion, they may face blisters or scarring. But permanent damage to the skin color is rare. So, the patients are advised to wear sunscreen and not wear makeup. The use of moisturizers may help the skin.

The results of the laser hair removal can be seen immediately after the treatment but they may vary from patient to patient. The color, thickness of the follicle, affected area, skin type are the factors on which the results depend. About 10 to 25% reduction in hair can be observed in the first sitting. The light beams do not cause skin cancer because the radiations are not that strong. Mostly patients require 3-6 sittings and after the treatment they feel no hair on their treated area for months or even years. When the hair regrows, the follicles are lighter in color and thinner as compared to the previous ones. Although, light radiations treatment is very effective and the results are long lasting but the price of this treatment is very high as compared to other procedures like waxing and shaving. It may cost up to 30 to 40k per session. But the cost also varies from the size of the area to be treated, number of sessions etc.


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