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Laptop Buying Guide For Beginners

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The most significant advantage of notebooks over desktops is portability, which is especially suitable for college students or people who often go out. The beginners especially have to face a dazzling array of buying notebook models. Usually, they do not know how to buy a laptop that suits them. So, in this guide, we will discuss how beginners can buy a laptop. Let’s share the super-detailed notebook purchase guide below. This article only guides the right direction and does not recommend the specific model of the notebook.

Determine Your Budget And Purpose

How much is the budget? Firstly, you will have to determine the budget that you can afford then you are welcome for the next steps. Laptops are usually not recommended to be less than $500. If it is lower, please increase your budget, or choose to assemble a desktop computer. For a better experience, I personally recommend the laptop i5 to start.

Secondly, you will have to fix your purpose that suggests that in which purpose you will engage your laptop. Purpose, the configuration requirements of the notebook, that is, what you need to do when you buy this notebook, such as games, business, design, entertainment, audio, and video, etc.

About the Processor

The CPU is very important to any PC whether it is a laptop or desktop. It determines the computing speed of a computer and can even directly judge the performance of a computer. The better the CPU, the faster it is. Notebook CPUs are usually not replaceable, so within the budget of the notebook, choose as good as possible, unlike memory and hard drives that can be replaced or added later. For better temperature control and stability, it is recommended that you choose Intel CPU. After all, notebooks have limited heat dissipation capacity. CPU recommends the latest one or two generations of Core i3 or above. It is also recommended that mainstream i5 processors are more cost-effective. Of course, the budget is enough to go directly to i7. processor.

The Graphics Card

The graphics card is essential for game needs. Some people say that the game is very stuck, the screen is not smooth, and the FPS value is low. These are the reasons why the performance of the graphics card cannot be satisfied. The graphics card needs to be selected on-demand, depending on the game you play. Decide what grade of the graphics card to choose. If you usually play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or stand-alone games, it is recommended to consider gaming laptops, which not only have strong performance and better heat dissipation. It is recommended that the mainstream graphics card is independent or above.

As for the version of the discrete grafikkarte, please check the Internet. For evaluation, whether it meets your game requirements, you can also refer to the game’s minimum and recommended configuration requirements. Usually, you can play lightweight games such as LOL and CF. This type of graphics card does not require high requirements, and the low-end and low-end display are enough. Up. For users who do not play games, or have low requirements for graphics cards, nuclear display or entry-level graphics cards, such as thin and light notebooks, can be considered.

Hard Disk

Hard disks are divided into mechanical and solid-state hard disks. It is recommended that notebooks with solid-state hard disks are preferred. The fast reading and writing speed makes the software and the system have better fluency, fast boot speed, and an increase in the loading time. See if there is a mechanical hard disk expansion bit for later. Increase the mechanical hard disk to expand the storage capacity to avoid insufficient capacity.


In terms of memory, currently, 4G, 8G, 16G memory are more common. At this stage, it is suggested to commence with 8G memory. For the simple office, typing, entertainment, audio and video, Internet surfing, learning, and other purposes, 4G-8G memory is enough, try 8G memory. We again will recommend 8G-16G memory for games and graphic design, but the memory can be increased later, so don’t worry.

USB Ports

The more USB ports, the better, so that the mouse, keyboard, U disk, etc., will be very convenient when used simultaneously. Of course, you can also use the USB-HUB extension. Some notebooks are ultra-thin, so the wired network card is canceled, and only wireless network card. I recommend that the notebook should also have a wired network card. Of course, you can also use a USB wired network card for expansion. For the need to connect to a projector or an external monitor, it is best to display the signal output port, HDMI and VGA ports are the best, of course, there is also a better DP port, but there is only one HDMI port. The external monitor only has VGA, there is also a solution, buy A converter is just fine.


At present, we will recommend 15.6 inches for gaming laptops, and 13.3-14 inches for light and thin laptops. This is usually the standard. Try to choose an IPS panel. For design, people with higher color requirements need to pay attention to the screen color gamut parameters. For e-sports players, you can also consider screens with high refresh rates, such as 120Hz, 144Hz high refresh rates, which will bring you a smoother picture experience.

What should be the refresh rate for a laptop?

If you are a general user the refresh rate of your notebooks should be the only 60Hz, and if your laptop is a gaming one it should have 144Hz, which is suitable for playing games. 


The above-mentioned discussion will make the path of buying a laptop for beginners. This ultra-detailed Laptop purchase guide will lead beginners towards a new dimension in the Laptop Kaufen process. In fact, for the computer, it is best to choose a notebook according to your core needs and consumption ability. It’s enough to meet daily needs. Choose a high-end configuration with excess performance. In terms of quality, there are also guarantees, such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, MSI, Apple, MacBook, Alien, etc.


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