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Labradorite Buying Guide: The Facts, Healing, and Care Tips

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A northern light-centered stone that is proficient in spreading the sparkling wings with its color and clarity. The brilliant hues and remarkable designs in the labradorite jewelry are note as one of the prominent attributes of fine quality gemstones. Even the Inuit people have many beliefs associated with this stone based on its splendid powers. 

If you’re looking forward to enhancing your wholesale labradorite jewelry, then it’s vital to know every point mentioned. 


Labradorite is primarily accept for its distinctiveness in the darker shades. The dynamism comes from the underlying glimmer and flashy approach. Call it the structured diffusion or layered division, Labradorite is construct in such a manner that it deflects the light and colors within them. Some of the primary hues are rainbow, brown, orange, and blue. Even though some varieties would not display the labradorescence, but that hardly matters with this gem. The value of white and blue sheen visible from multiple angles is appreciate tremendously by gem lovers. 


The essential shades of Labradorite are mainly dark brown, gray, or black, with the inclusion of blue, purple, and green labradorescence. The shimmering effect displays the array of red, green, orange, yellow, and blue tones. The colors shown by this gem are not include in them, unlike the rest of the other stones. Rather it is the result of light, which reacts with the inaptness within the mineral. As a result, the labradorite ring looks exclusive when carried with confidence. 

Where is it Found?


Labradorite is found in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. This stone belongs to the plagioclase group and has got its name from Canada, where it was discovers. Talking about the abundant storage, then Madagascar strikes first to mind. However, there are a couple of other places in the league, namely Russia, Finland, Norway, Sri Lanka, and Australia. The andesine and spectrolite are the further classifications of this creation. The former category showcases the rainbow spectrum, whereas the latter is appreciate for being unique. 

Clarity and Cut 

With proper clarity and cut, the intensity of radiance can be increase. To make the wide spectrum of colors eye-catchy from front and center, then give considerable attention to the cut. They are often preferred faceted to enhance the sparkle. In fact, the faceted form is appreciated in oval, marquise, pears, and round shapes. To make your labradorite bracelet more enticing, combine it with 925 sterling silver in the desirable form. 

Labradorite has the tendency to suit with any attire and fits well for many occasions. The emphasis on sterling silver is high in this case because it genuinely compliments the bluish iridescence. If it is an elegant or casual look, Labradorite never fails to impress any mood of your choice. From simple studs to statement necklaces, this gem adds an effortless grace to any ornamental setting. Labradorite necklace can instantly elevate your simple appearance to an extravagant affair. A perfect sort for your evening and day plans.

Durability and Care

Labradorite comes 6-6.5 on the toughness rank and is durable for parties and special days, but one needs to be careful while choosing to wear this on an everyday basis. Wearing labradorite jewelry requires attention and hygiene. The step of longevity can be assure by cleaning it thoroughly and keeping it safe. There are some of the easy steps to keep in mind while purchasing this creation. 

• Clean this gem with mild water and soap to maintain hygiene on

a timely basis. 

• The second and essential step is storage, which does not require

anything special but rather a simple, clean box to avoid any

scratches from other gems.

• Don’t make use of any steam cleaner to avoid damage. 

• Overexposure to sunlight would hamper the quality of the gem.

Avoid wearing it during heavy rain or dust. 

• Avoid the usage of harsh chemicals and bleach because your

over smartness will certainly affect its appearance. 

Healing of Labradorite 

Labradorite is acknowledge for its magical qualities and healing. The powerful sheen of this gem is well versed in enhancing creative and imaginative skills. It is an effective stone for toning down unusual thoughts. A relaxing aid for fearful and insecure souls. A proven stone for balancing the shaken confidence thus builds up a strong personality. It’s best for negative mindsets by providing them optimism. Labradorite efficiently facilitates a peaceful environment by stimulating harmony and understanding on a professional and personal front. 

It nurtures wellness in the physical and mental health by catering to prolonged diseases and minor infections. Problems related to menstrual health, lungs, indigestion, and metabolism are perfectly addressed by this gem in a short span of time. The association of this stone with the throat chakra provides ultimate purification to the whole body. Also, it improves communication-related problems and ensures understanding, so wearing this gem rejuvenates mental and physical health. 

Labradorite is becoming a favorable option for gemstone lovers. It is appreciated for its distinctiveness worldwide. And, at Rananjay Exports, understand your love for this gemstone and believe in giving you the best Wholesale gemstone jewelry to upgrade your collection uniquely. 

 Labradorite aren’t the only healing crystal. For example, Selenite crystals are a very beneficial stone that can help to rid the body of toxins, which is good for those with chronic health problems. Selenite enhances positive energy and brings it into our surroundings as well as bringing clarity to mental confusion or emotional upheaval. It also helps us see past illusions we may have believed about ourselves so we can live more honestly. When placed on the third eye chakra selenite stimulates psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and allows one access to messages from spirit guides through visions in dreams too. Want to purchase some Gemstones? Why not check out Gemstone Gifts


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