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Krafton Expands Into Other Markets

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Earlier this year, Krafton announced that it was launching a new mobile game called Peacekeeper Elite. The new game will be distribute in China by Tencent, with Krafton providing tech support for the game. The company’s PUBG has become one of the most popular games in the worlds, but it recently got caught up in the political turmoil between China and India. As a result, Krafton rebranded PUBG as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company’s CEO also plans to invest in short films and animations to expand its content. While it has raised over $1.5 billion in funding, the company is also planning to invest in acquisitions to diversify its business.

Earlier this year, Krafton also consolidate its holdings into a single company: Bluehole, which was formerly known as PUBG. In October, the company merged with PNIX, Delusion Studio, En Masse, and TERA publishing to form a new corporation named Bluehole. The new entity is now responsible for developing and publishing games. The company also acquire Striking Distance Studios, which was known as a small developer in South Korea.

Since the company was founds, Blue hole has acquire several development studios.

The subsidiaries of Bluehole have been reorganize under the name of the Krafton Game Union. In September 2020, the Government of India banned PUBG Mobile in the country. At the time, Krafton had sold 75 million copies of the game. It was later acquire by Tencent, which took the IP back from the publisher. In July 2021, Battlegrounds Mobile India was release for Android and iOS. The game was publish by the company.

Krafton consolidated its holdings in October. It merged PUBG Corp, PNIX, Delusion Studio, En Masse, and TERA publishing into Bluehole. This streamlined the company’s portfolio, which included PUBG, Elyon, and Mistover. The company also consolidated Striking Distance Studios and TERA publishing. The new structure allows the company to expand its reach into the game world.

While PUBG is an important part of the game industry.

The company has expanded into other industries as well. PUBG has been download over 1 billion times worldwide, and Krafton is now planning to expand into other markets. But how can this company expand its scope? Its first step is to take PUBG to the next level. In the future, it is expect to build a global brands around its mobile games. In the meantime, it is focusing on its IPO, generating revenue from PUBG.

While PUBG has been a huge hit in South Korea, it is still a young company that has had a difficult time generating a profit despite its success in the gaming industry. The company’s popularity stems from the success of its PUBG mobile game, which has sold over 75 million copies and catapulted the company to the top of the charts. With its PUBG popularity, sales of its other games skyrocketed.

In the video game industry, Krafton Inc. is a South Korean video game holding company that was founds in 2007.

The company is best known for the popular PUBG video game, which has been downloads over 75 million times. It also has a mobile version of the game that was release in 2017. This mobile version of the game is available free of charge and is already download over a billion times. Currently, the company’s revenue is primarily driven by PUBG.

In October, Krafton consolidated its holdings. It merged PUBG Corp, PNIX, En Masse, and TERA publishing. The PUBG mobile game, also known as PUBG, was release to the public in 2017. The game’s success catapulted it to the top of the charts. Despite its lack of popularity, PUBG has become the company’s most profitable product. In 2017 alone, it generated over a trillion dollars in operating income.

In addition to its IPO, the company is expanding KRAFTON its gaming empire to new markets.

The company recently purchase the Indian publisher of PUBG from Tencent Holdings Ltd. after it was Bann in the country. While Tencent Holdings Ltd. had a 13.2% stake in PUBG, the game has since been banner in the country. The deal is an indication that both companies are attempting to make their respective products more popular in the future.


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