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Know When To Get Your Car Tyres Replaced

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A common problem faced by many car owners is that they don’t know when to get their car tyres replaced. While some people replace their tyres too early, some do not replace them unless it is absolutely necessary. A bad car tyre seriously impacts the performance of your car and also hampers the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. 

You need to understand that even good tyre brands, such as Continental Tyres London, need replacement after a period of time. However, to know when to get your tyres replaced, you need to look out for the following signs. 

Decreasing Tread Depth

Tread depth is essential for car tyres to displace water, gravel, snow or mud down the road. So it is very important for your car tyres to have a good tread depth to facilitate smooth movement on the roads. Several countries and states follow strict rules about tread depth. Therefore, you need to ensure that your car tyre has the right tread depth.  

Moreover, if your tread depth drops below 0.16 cm, it is advisable to buy new tyres. Some commonly used methods to inspect tread depth are as follows. 

  • Tread depth Indicator

This device is fitted with a scale on top of it and is used to measure the depth of your tyre treads. Dip the scale of this device into the tread depth and take the readings accordingly. 

  • Using A Coin 

Tread depth can be measured using a coin. All you need to do is, immerse the coin in treads and if the coin is halfway through the tread depth, get a new tyre. 

Check Tread Wear

Almost every car tyre has a tread wear indicator carved on it. These indicators are in the form of wear bars, which are invisible in the beginning.

Uneven Wear

Sometimes your car tyres may get uneven wear due to unequal distribution of pressure in them. There are two major types of tyre wear in a car tyre.

  • Axial Wear

When your car tyre gets overinflated, the pressure is concentrated on the axis of the tyre. This makes the axial part wear off quickly, creating uneven wear on your car tyre. 

  • Side Wear

Side wear happens when your car tyre is underinflated for a long period of time. In this condition, the sides of your car tyres bulge outside, exposing the sides to maximum wear. 

Excessive Vibrations  

Rattling in cars is common on a rough road, but if it happens on a good road, there is definitely something wrong with your car. These vibrations can be due to some mechanical complications in your car. 

However, if this doesn’t stop even after a thorough servicing, the problem lies in your car tyres. 

Deep Cracks on Sidewalls

When a car tyre gets old, it may start developing deep cracks in it. These cracks not only compromise the performance of your car tyres but are also responsible for the bursting of car tyres.  

These deformities are easiest to stop in your car tyres, and when you do, get your tyres replaced as soon as possible. 

Chipping or Bubbling On Tyres

When your car tyre faces a big impact, it tends to develop serious deformities on its surface. One such problem is the bubbling of tyres. This is caused due to the sudden crash, and it cannot be repaired. 

After a long time, the front tyres of a car start chipping off; this is caused due to an excessive load on the tyres or due to the impact caused by sudden breaks. 

When It  Gets Old

Every tyre has a fixed life, and if it exceeds that limit, it starts getting stiff or developing deformities. However, if you want to have a tyre that lasts longer, you can buy 4×4 Tyres London, which is more durable than regular tyres. 


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