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Know the Hunger and  the related issues

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Hunger makes people have more and more junk food and this is one of the biggest issues all over the world nowadays. The process of the development of the body, especially in the teenage years usually depended on food habits. The excessive intake of junk and oily food will make the teenage individual more fatty and unhealthy and they will eventually feel like “i m hungry”.  Extreme hunger or starvation will even cause serious diseases like kidney stones and liver-related issues. The teenagers and all groups of people should take care of their health and intake the proper food.

 The health issues and  the feeling of “I m hungry”

 The health issues related to food intake are based on irregular and junk food intake. People usually feel hungry after three or four houses of meals in a day. To prevent the feeling of “I am hungry” people usually have the snakes break. These types of snake brakes are some of the dangerous things in the world.  People usually develop the feeling or sense of “I’m hungry” in their mind and they are more intent to have more fried food which is utterly dangerous for their health. This constant cycle of unhealthy food continued for a long time and may cause serious issues like obesity. most of the people from first-world countries are suffering from these issues. The children and especially the individuals of eighteen years to twenty-five years are the prime survivors of this particular issue. Complex carbohydrates and fried or deep-fried food are one of the most harmful foods which the youth should avoid from eating in this situation. Sometimes even the situation is so bad that a particular type of diabetes or obesity attacks the individuals and they even can not move from their own place by themselves.

 The  suggestion by doctors

 The doctors usually suggest that the person should avoid thinking about “ I’m hungry”  and they should concentrate on some other work. The proper way of avoiding the feeling of “I’m hungry “ is to have fulfilling meals and a proper intake of water. The water intake will hydrate the body and provide the feeling of extreme hunger. Special treatment of this kind of mental disease which are indirectly related to physical health is available in the medical science in which the individuals need to follow the proper support from the consultation and other than that those patients usually suggested to have regular medicine and follow a proper diet to control the amount of fat in their body. Those patients take time to adjust to the diet and change their lifestyles. On the other hand, their mental pressure and especially social bullying become tougher to fight with. Body shamming becomes more evident in these types of cases. Socially these patients or individuals get a lot of hate and humiliation which eventually increases their level of depression which leads to even more eating. These types of incidents are highly avoidable for the person suffering from the overeating or hungry issue and they should get connected with the positive person all over the world through different social media and the procedure of the connection has been started online.


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