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Know the Different Types of Wheels for Different Purposes

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Agriculture is one of the best contributors to a nation’s economy. To bring out the best-yielded crops, it is important to use the right wheel rim tractors. Do you know various tractor tyres are used for various purposes like lawn tractors, farm tractors, automobile tractors, etc.?

Tractor tyres are of various types like:

  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • Extra-low pressure

What do you think of the categories of tractor tyres? It is based on the tyre diameter, tread area contact with the road. Based on the temperature conditions, there are tractors to use during snow too.

  • Tyres with low pressure

Low-pressure tyres are mainly used in automobiles and cars. You can choose from the best wheel manufacturer in India if you need low-pressure tyres. If there are any small shocks on the road, it doesn’t affect the low-pressure tyres.

  • Tyres with high pressure

High-pressure tyres were used in cars as well as trucks in earlier days. But nowadays tyres with high pressure are only used in trucks. In high-pressure tyres, the road shocks can’t be absorbed completely. So, to provide the convenient driving, low-pressure type, and wheel rim are preferred.

  • Tyres with extra pressure

Extra pressure tyres have a larger width and are apt for heavy trucks. These are also known as balloon tyres. One of the biggest advantages of extra pressure tyres is that they don’t slip during the sharp turns. It is used in heavy earth moving machines and tractors.

What are pneumatic wheels?

During earlier days, the tractors used iron wheels and sometimes with small spokes. This led the tractors to run at less speed. Also, iron wheels were quite noisy too. The drivers had bad times in managing the road shocks.

Now, pneumatic wheels are used in tractors and are known as tractor tyres.

Pneumatic wheels were introduced in the 19th century. These tyres are apt for tractor rims. It has two parts with a big rubber bag. The two parts are:

  • Tyres
  • Tubes

The tubes along with tyres are filled with air and are fitted one inside the other. The tubes inside the tyres have air-filled bags that carry the pressure of machines used in agriculture.

Choose the best wheel manufacturer in India to buy pneumatic wheels. These wheels are quite familiar in many countries like the USA, New Zealand, the UK, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc., and have a great demand.

Some of the functions of pneumatic wheels are:

  • Its big size is capable of absorbing road shock.
  • It can carry a heavy agricultural machine.
  • Pneumatic wheels have less vibration while driving.
  • The tyres have treads, and it helps for an easy grip on the road.

Different purposes use different wheels. Low-pressure wheels are used in cars; high-pressure wheels are used in tractors based on the purpose they serve for. Pneumatic wheels are also used nowadays for agricultural purposes. Use the best for your field from the good manufacturers.


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