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Know about the most dangerous pests in the UAE

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Who does not live in UAE, where luxury living is not a distant dream. But the more it is tantalising to stay in UAE; the climate can pose a challenge before. Regardless of a rewarding lifestyle, the hot and humid climate makes the country a breeding ground for pests. A pest infested house is not a healthy place to live in. Therefore, it is important to learn what kind of pests can affect your house.

Bed Bugs

According to a blackhorsepestcontrol.ae company, bed bugs are nasty creatures that can affect a healthy home environment. They are a kind of dangerous insects that feed on humans when they are sleeping. While you are asleep, you will not feel anything, but the next morning your body will itch. Their biting will cause red bumps all over the body. So, you need to be vigilant when it comes to these blood-sucking creatures.

If you find that your house is infested with bed bugs, you need to take some immediate steps. Besides contact with a professional pest control service, you need to try to reduce all the hideouts. You need to clear out the clutters so that you can find those hiding places. You need to wash the bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, clothes, etc., in hot water. These are some basic things you can do to reduce infestation.


Speaking of harmful pests, rodents or rats are one of them. Without a professional rodent controlservice, you cannot get rid of them. Rats live in a herd, so when they attack a place, they likely to destroy everything from its core. If your house gets infested with rats, you will face major issues in storing food and grains. Besides that, there is always a chance of getting infected with the rodent-borne disease.

Rats mostly thrive in warm weather, so UAE is favourable for rats. Rats play a significant role in spreading heal issues that often turn into a fatal ones. So, if you find any sign of rodent infestation, you need to take the necessary measure by contracting with a professional rodent control service. By the time the service arrives, you can also follow basic things to prevent the rats.


Termite is one of the pests that bug people the most. In UAE, you will see mostly the subterranean termite. If your house gets infested with termites, you will face major loss as termite will ruin furniture. It is hard to manage termite once they already infested the house. This is the reason you need to hire a pest control service.

Besides that, you need to be cautious to prevent termite infestation. You must keep your house well-ventilated to avoid termite infestation. Termites get attracted to hot and humid climates; so, ventilation will help to achieve a healthy environment.


If you are wondering what could be the deadliest pest in UAE, then the answer is the mosquito. People across the world will agree to the fact that a small mosquito can take your life away. The favourable climate for mosquitoes is the warm climate. So, staying in UAE can become your nightmare if you do not take any measure to control mosquitoes. A mosquito bites people when they are sitting idle or sleeping.

The bite causes little bumps on the skin that itch. However, those are the immediate reaction, but later those bites lead to fatal illness. So, you need to be cautious regarding the environment of your house. You need to keep your surroundings clean so that mosquitoes cannot breed around your house. You must use mosquito repellent along with you and a liquid vaporiser to ward off mosquitoes.


When summer comes to UAE in full swing, it brings some dangerous insects. Spiders can be a problem during summer. The spider can be scary not only by its appearance, but if it bites you, it can be fatal. This creepy, hairy insect can crawl to your bed if you do not remain vigilant of its presence. Spiders weave webs when they are nesting at a place, and mostly they choose corners of the room for it.

You must know that spiders are aggressive, and most of them are venomous. There are several types of spiders, and they all are harmful to humans. So, if you find any evidence of a spider in your house, you must contact a professional pest control service right away. You also need to try to destroy the nests of spiders. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the walls. Cleanliness can help you to ward off several insects.

Importance of a Pest Control Service

If you are wondering why there is a need for a pest control company, then you must know that company has professional people. It is hard to fight against insect infestation without proper equipment. A pest control service has a team of experts who are well-equipped. They are aware of the places where insects can take shelter in a house. So, they target those areas to kill them from the root.

A team of experts deal with the insects with the right kind of equipment. So, it is essential to hire a service. So, you need to look for a reliable pest control service in UAE. You need to seek recommendations. Once you get the recommendation, you need to go through their website to check the kind of service they offer.


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