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All you Need to Know about IoT Sim Cards

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IoT is a term that is the brainchild of Vitalikis Tsitsin and John Schmitz. They are both computer vision experts and came up with an idea to connect devices via the internet. This would allow for internet use, while still providing security in your home.

This is the premise of the IoT, the internet of things initiative.

IoT Sim cards

When you think about how simple this may seem it’s a complex idea. You wouldn’t plug a device into your wall and then have it hook up to the internet. Instead, you’d plug the devices into a collection of microprocessors on your computer, each having its own bitstream processor. The processor would send a signal to the microprocessor on the device. When this happened the device would know what to do and if it didn’t, the device would stop working until some data was fed back to the central computer.

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Parental Control Feature

There are a lot of benefits to this technology. Imagine if your children were to be safer when they are surfing the internet because their computer is hooked up to the internet and their access is secure. With parental controls included you can rest easy knowing your kids are safe when they are online. Also imagine if a business was to gain the benefit of this system.

Security Services Monitoring

Imagine if there was internet access for security services monitoring. In areas where vandalism has been an issue security agents could easily see if cameras were recording. If they saw something that indicated criminal activity, they could arrest the suspect and prevent them from returning. This type of internet connection would be beneficial to businesses also. Having more cameras would deter crime in the area and provide evidence in a court of law.

What if the internet was actually wireless?

How would you connect all your devices together? Would you have wires connecting them or would you simply have radio signals? The first option sounds like it would be more costly but with such a great technology being developed it may be worth the price.


Think about all the possibilities. First, off the internet, wireless phones would be convenient. You could use them anywhere and still talk to your loved ones. Security agents would be able to see live what is going on through their eyes without risking their own life. Businesses could monitor their employee’s data remotely and ensure that their workers were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Just think how much money you would save by not having to hire new staff. Internet wireless cameras would revolutionize the way your business operates. With facial recognition technology, you would never have to worry about losing a customer because they did not recognize your staff’s face. The Internet of things may just be around the corner.

Just wait for the future.

The developers have spent many years developing such a system. Who knows when it will be ready for the public? It is only a matter of time. Just imagine all the things that will be able to be done once the internet is available to everyone. All we need to do is get our hands-on IoT sim cards and make the transition.

How will we get them?

What kind of device could we get our hands on? That would be the next question. Right now, we can get internet sensors from a number of manufacturers such as Linksys, D-Link, and Smart Chip. Manufacturers are working together on developing devices that work together to create a more intelligent internet network. They would share data with each other, which would in turn allow each device to understand everything that is being sent to it.

With this new technology, the line between human beings and machines will be blurred. Humans will be transformed into machines. Will that be bad or good? That is the subject of tomorrow’s story.

Imagine all of the things that could happen if the internet was available to everyone. With smartphones, Internet of things devices, and connected devices, the world would be a smaller place. It is time to start dreaming about the future. Just imagine how it would be if you don’t have to pick up your phone to send a text.


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