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Know About Instagram Page Analysis

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One of the best ways we can get comprehensive information about our Instagram page is to analyze our Instagram page. The first and most straightforward solution you have in this field is to use the tool that Instagram itself offers you.

Other ways to analyze an Instagram page can be the use of analysis services provided on various sites and page analysis with the help of references that provide services to their users in the field of Instagram. In this article, we intend further to analyze the Instagram page with the help of Insight and talk about its page and be able to improve your business, then visit our site Sociallygo.net.

Analysis of the Instagram page by Insight

The first tool you have as a public and business page is the Instagram Insight section.

To use the features and capabilities of Insight, it is necessary first to change your profile to a business profile. After this, it takes a maximum of one week for the data you need to be collected in this section and be usable. After applying the changes, you can select this Insite section by going to the profile and the options section, with three lines at the top.

In this section, you can have beneficial data and statistical information about your page. With the help of this information, you can analyze your page from different aspects, gather information to start the Instagram advertising campaign, and then take steps toward success.

Analysis of the Instagram page by Insight

Instagram is composed of different parts that you can use to analyze your Instagram page. These sections are as follows:

Activity section that is displayed with the Activity

The content section is shown with the Content

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We will review these sections in the following to help you analyze your Instagram page.

Activity, sectionThe first part of Insight that we examine for you is the activities part. This section provides you with two tools for analyzing your Instagram page: Discovery and Interactions.

In the Interaction section, all the items related to the feedback and interactions that users have had with your posts are displayed, and in this regard. It is an essential part of analyzing our page.

Profile Visit: This section displays the number of all user accounts that have visited your page in the past week.

Website Clicks: In this section, if you have defined a link for your profile in the bio section. The number of views clicked on it to go to the desired website is displayed.

Email: Shows the number of times users have clicked on the email you put in your profile.

Call: In this section, the total number of times users and contacts have selected the contact section in your profile and clicked on it is displayed.

The next part is Discovery, where you can get an overview of your page performance. This overview is based on two parameters:

Reach: This section displays the number of unique users who have seen the content of your page. Impression: In this section, the number of views of the content of your page is displayed. Regardless of whether they are duplicates. According to experience, the Discovery section is essential to analyzing the Instagram page.

  1. Content section

As the name of this section suggests, the information we get in this section for analyzing the Instagram page is related to the content we publish, from images to various movies and even stories. This section is divided into several sections, which are:

Feed section

Stories section

Promotions section

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In the following, we will explain each section. Stay with us.

Feed section

For the content section, this section can be considered. The most critical parameter in Instagram analysis. This section will display all the information about your posts in the archive during the last two years. You can refer to this section to get your posts’ statistics.

You should also see the Insight section specifically for your desired post. The calls section in this section shows you the total number of people who clicked on the CTA and communicated with you.

The Comments section shows the total number of comments available for each of your posts, and the Like section does the same for incoming likes. Emails also show how many people have emailed you by clicking CTA.

Other parts in the Feed

In addition to the previous sections. Other sections in the Feed can be used to analyze the Instagram page. The Engagement section shows the engagement rate of your page. In this section, all user interactions with you, whether through likes and comments or through save, view, and. Are displayed. The Follows section shows how many people have followed your page in return for that post. Get Directions also refers to the number of users who have sent you a direct message through that post.

In this section, there are two parameters, Impression and Reach, that we have already discussed. Profile Visits Shows the number of views of your profile. The saved section displays the number of times users have held the post. Finally, in Website Clicks, it shows the total number of times the user has entered the link to your website just because of that post.

Visits Show the number of views of your profile. The saved section displays the number of times users have held the post. Finally, in Website Clicks, it shows the total number of times the user has entered the link to your website just because of that post.

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This section can be beneficial in analyzing the Instagram page because it helps you find out what content your audience likes the most.

Analysis of the Instagram page by Insite

  1. Stories section

This section also has areas such as Rich and Impression that we have encountered before. The rest of the episodes are as follows:

Exited: The number of times the contact goes through the story

Replies: The number of responses received for each story

Viewers: All user accounts that have seen your story.

Forward: The number of audiences who have rejected this story.

Backward: The number of audiences that have returned to the previous story.

Next Story: The number of contacts in the same series went to your next story.

With the help of this part of Insight to analyze your Instagram page, you can find out what kind of stories users like the most, explore influence ads, and take action to produce them.

With the help of this section, you can analyze the Instagram page according to the advertisements. Of course, Instagram sponsorship ads. The following areas are available in this section:

Number of views of the desired advertising post Profile visit

Impression of the selected post

The number of hits that each unique user has had from that ad post Reach

Engagement rate means all the interactions that users have had with that ad post. From likes to comments and saves and….Engagement Rate All information about visitors to that post, such as age, gender, geographical location, and other such items. With the help of this section, you can analyze your Instagram page according to the feedback received from the ads and make your ads better and more effective each time.

To analyze your Instagram page, you can use the feature of this site in this field, namely Insight. This article has dealt with all parts of this feature and provided complete explanations.


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