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Know about Google Ads Auction

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Google Ads is a platform that drives traffic to your website to a large extent. We are expertise in the field of digital marketing and our main aim is to boost your business in Melbourne, Australia. We also specialize in the field of Google Ads Melbourne. Our experts are always present for your help at any point in time. Any kind of help that you need in the field of Google Ads Melbourne, you can contact us. You must be wondering what must be your investment if you go for Google Ads.

Let’s in this article discuss Google Ads Auction

Google Ads is something that every one of us has seen sometimes or other. Everyone must not be aware of the fact about the history behind Google Ads, but several plans and strategies are behind Google Ads, and obviously what matters most is your investment.

Does Google AdWords really work?

Afterall the business and the business website are yours, and obviously, you must be wondering that does Google Ads really work? If you have any doubts regarding Google AdWords, you can feel free to contact us. But as we have experience in the field of Google AdWords, it is a guarantee from our side that Google AdWords works. But everything must be done strategically.

How much do you need to invest in Google AdWords?

Investment is something that varies in the case of Google AdWords. For high search volume keywords, you need to pay more as compared to low search volume keywords. Payments also vary for long-tail keywords. The thing is that you only have to pay if anyone clicks your Google Ads, i.e.; Pay Per Click. There will be auctions for high search volume as well as low search volume keywords.

Google AdWords Agency Melbourne
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What is the process to Advertise your business on Google Ads?

The process is not that much complicated. You have to set up a Google Ads account. You can also consult Google AdWords Agency Melbourne for step-to-step guidance regarding Google AdWords.

What is the process of Google AdWords bidding?

AdWords bidding cost is determined by your ad rank. If your ad obtains the highest rank, then your cost per click will be determined by the position of your next ad rank and then divided by the quality score of your Advertisement. If you are the only bidder your CPC will decrease but you may also be penalized if your ad obtains low-quality scores.

What is the process of working Google Auctions?

Google Auction starts as soon as when something is searched on google, the system starts the auction process and after which the ad position is determined.

What is the concept of CPC or Cost Per Click?

If your ads don’t get any clicks that means you won’t have to pay a single money for your ad. CPC is determined by the clicks your business ad receives. The average CPC of any business ad is $2.50 for google search network and $0.50 for Google’s display network.

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