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Kindergarten Expectations – What You Should Teach Kindergarten Students

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Most parents wonder about their child’s academic abilities at Kindergarten but self-control, social skills, physical abilities, and emotional skills usually matter most. These Kindergarten expectations can assist parents in knowing what all children need to know after entering kindergarten. These Kindergarten expectations are important because they set the pace for what children can and cannot do and what they have to achieve in the classroom. Parents can use these Kindergarten expectations as a tool to prepare children for kindergarten and to build upon their early academic success.

The first kindergarten standard is academics. Kindergarten should be a time in which children acquire knowledge and skills that they will need in order to succeed in kindergarten and later school. Parents can enlist their children’s help in learning academic skills by having them practice what they have learned in kindergarten through guided imagery. Children learn best when they are allowed to experience things in a controlled setting. Parents can take this to the next level by using everyday activities to practice what they have learned in kindergarten, such as coloring sheets or story times.

Another standard of excellence is hygiene. All children need to be clean and properly dressed in order to be ready for kindergarten and to fit in. Make sure your child gets his or her dinner from a table that is washed only once each day. Make sure your child’s clothes are never stained with food or drink. Your child will not learn to take good care of his body until he has learned to take care of his mind and his social skills.

Cleanliness is another essential element. Clean and neat bathrooms and bedrooms are a must in every child’s home. A messy bedroom is a space where germs can breed and where your child is vulnerable to infections. Make your child understand how important it is to keep his or her room spic-and-span. Teach him or her about prevention so that he or she never fax a bed lined with dirty diapers or a room that looks like a tornado had struck.

Kindergarten also expects your child to behave well in class. He or she should follow the rules of the school, including dress codes and behavior guidelines. Children learn to dress properly for a formal school event and to follow directions from teachers and school staff. It takes children a while to learn to be polite and to be respectful, but if you take the time to model these behaviors, you will be much better prepared to raise a polite and respectful child in the future.

You also need to set expectations for your children. Children learn by example, so it’s up to you to make sure your child is behaving appropriately in the classroom and at home. You can expect your child to get good grades in school, to be careful in what he or she touches, to be responsible in decisions he or she makes and to be friendly and to have fun. Raising children who act well can go a long way toward helping them grow up to be happy, successful and mature young adults. You can raise a happy, socially competent child by setting high expectations and keeping them at all times.

The next time you are with your child, remember to be patient and kind. Explain to your child what the expected behavior is and be prepared for some resistance. Be patient and kind, but don’t get impatient if your child responds negatively sometimes. It’s important to stick with your expectations. You can reinforce good behavior with props, rewards and even by patting your child on the back or hugting him or her.

Following the basics of Kindergarten expectations can lead to a successful kindergarten program. Give your children realistic goals that they can reach. And, keep in mind that children learn best when they have fun. This is one of the reasons why many parents encourage their preschoolers to go to Kindergarten day care or home school.


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