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Kid’s Room Décor: Make Your Child’s Bedroom Adorable With These 7 Tips

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No matter if you’ve recently moved into a new home and need to start decorating your kid’s room from scratch or believe that their current room needs an update, there are many things to consider during such an endeavour. As you probably want the room to be as cute as possible and not have to redo it in a few months because you’ve noticed a flaw in the design, here are some tips on creating an adorable kids’ room.

Consult with your little one

First of all, as your kid will be the one using the room, you want to take their opinion into account. Unless they are a newborn, they can surely play some role in deciding on how the room will look. Furthermore, older kids should have a say in the final design of the room. From picking some toys and deciding on the colours they like best to choosing a bed for themselves and picking a layout, don’t disregard their input.

Look for a practical layout

Seeing as most bedrooms have multiple functions, you want to think about the room’s layout first. Is there enough space to place a sleeping and relaxing area, a study area, and a play area? If not, look for alternatives that will allow you to incorporate all of these zones into the room. For example, if you’re short on space, you can consider a loft bed. That way, you can put a desk underneath it and maximize the available space. In case your kid is still too young to sleep in a loft bed, think of an option that will best work for the room. Try to keep the floor as free as possible, both to prevent tripping accidents and have enough space for play.

Decide on a colour scheme

The colour scheme is something that your kid can help you out with. You can let them pick the hue for the walls and décor but remember to explain to them that this is something that they can’t change their mind about the next day. If they’re happy to make this decision, let them. On the other hand, you can pick a colour scheme on your own and keep it pretty neutral with colours and like grey and beige or some pastels like yellow and green. When buying furniture, go for natural shades as they can easily be combined regardless of how the room changes over the years.

Make the bed warm and inviting

Your child needs a good night’s sleep to grow and develop properly as well as to be able to tackle all responsibilities. That is why you need to provide them with a comfy bed that will look inviting when bedtime arrives. From getting the right size and mattress to finding kids quilts that can regulate body temperature, there are a lot of things to think about when ensuring the quality of your child’s sleep. Furthermore, you can also find interesting bedding that they will love, with their favourite superhero or space details.

Add cute prints and patterns

In addition to introducing prints through bedding, there are other ways how you can use these designs to make your kid’s room more adorable. For instance, if you happen to stumble upon a cute wallpaper in a pattern your little one will love, you can add it in the form of a statement wall. Then, if you or any of your friends are artistic, you can paint a mural on one wall. Finally, prints and patterns can be introduced through curtains and rugs. These are vital for creating a warm and quiet space and you can use them to add some character to the room too.

Don’t overlook the importance of storage

When designing and equipping your kid’s room, you cannot disregard the importance of storage. It’s easy to underestimate how many things your child can accumulate over the years but you need enough space to store all their clothes, toys, books, and various other knickknacks that you or other people buy for them. So, besides a spacious wardrobe, you will need plenty of shelves, cubbies, baskets, and boxes that will help you put everything away neatly.

Leave room for easy changes and upgrades

Finally, as your kids will surely change their mind about many things as they grow up, you need to make sure that their bedroom can be easily changed. For example, changing the colour scheme by repainting the walls or getting a new rug is easy. However, it might be difficult to fit in a bigger bed or wardrobe if you don’t leave enough room for it. With that in mind, if your child is still young, you want to plan for the future by anticipating everything your kid might need.

There are many aspects of creating a room for your kid, from asking for their opinions to planning for the future. However, when looking to add some cuteness, you can’t go wrong with a nice colour scheme, an adorable mural, and a patterned rug.


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