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Keyboard shortcuts for Android

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Email services are very oldest and secure way of communication and there are many email services those are serving all human beings through their services. The basic purpose of email services is to provide the way of communications, but these days, you can get large numbers of works through email services. It is the principle of email services that all email services have unique features and functions. So all email services are specialist for different purposes. However, Gmail is an email services that could be use for all purposes. If you are buying Gmail accounts, then you can use these accounts in all sectors of life.

Keyboard shortcuts

These days the demand of Android devices is increasing from others. And there are huge numbers of people who are using Android devices for social media as well as email services. As you know that the features of Android devices are very useful to make the use of these devices. So if you want to buy Gmail PVA accounts for your business then we suggest you to use Android device for these accounts. When you will use these devices and will use extra keyboard, then you will get the service of shortcuts. Here we will discuss some important keyboard shortcuts those are useable in Android devices.

• If you want to start write a new mail for someone then simply press Ctrl+n.

•And if you want to get the service of archive an email then press Ctrl+d.

• When you have write an email and want to send it, then use Ctrl+enter option.

•But if there is loading problems in your Gmail inbox, then you can refresh it through pressing ctrl+u.

• If you want to select all data for copy as well as cut then it is easy. Because without using mouse, you can click on ctrl+a.

•you want to copy any file, message as well as document, then press ctrl+c for copy, ctrl+x foe cut and ctrl+v for paste.

• And there is any document or file and you want to get a print of it, then you can press ctrl+p.

•And if you are chating in a group or when you will get an email in which there are added cc, then you can send an email to all added addresses by pressing ctrl+r.

• you want to make an email read as well as unread, then you can use ctrl+i.

All these are those actions which are mostly used.so if you want to buy Gmail accounts, and then you can use all these shortcuts for time saving. Read more about Homescapes Mod Apk

How to turn on keyboard shortcuts on computer?

It is not important that all your features are available when you will buy Gmail accounts. Because there are some such features those are important to turn on. However, if you want to use these features, then you cannot use these in normal condition. So you will need to turn on for getting the services.

Here we will discuss some important steps through those you can make enable to use keyboard shortcuts.

1. Open your Gmail account on your computer.

2. Click on setting menu and when it open, then click on more settings.

3. There will be other options but you should scroll down and choose “Keyboard shortcuts”.

4. You should turn it on.

5. There will be the option of save changes, so we you will click on it, then all your changes will be saved and you can use it as you want.

So it is important to use this facility because without using it, there will be need more time for using your Gmail accounts. If you will buy Gmail accounts from us, then we will create accounts as per your requirements. While you cannot get these types of facilities from other website. Because all other websites try to earn profit without caring the needs of email marketing business. But we try to provide such Gmail PVA accounts those are filtered from lot of problems. So, you can buy complete profiles accounts from our website. And we are also famous in providing custom domain name accounts according to your order.


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