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Key Qualities Clients Look For In A Small Business Advisor

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What do you think you need about starting a business? A one-word answer will be difficult to provide, but one thing you should undoubtedly look for is a business advisor in Perth. If you ask any experienced business owner or executive, 9 out of 10 such professionals will tell you how they benefit from working with a top-rated business consultant.

Your business consultant doesn’t need to have the same background as you. Thus, a non-tech consultant can easily advise a tech business on various aspects like branding, sales, marketing, recruitment, positioning, business development, building successful sales funnels, networking, finances, etc.

But, rather than the background, there are some areas. You will need to look at while choosing a professional as a business advisor. Here we will discuss those qualities that should be checked.

Creative Thinking Skills

Unique problems arise in a business that must be dealt with from a creative perspective. The reason behind it is that most of these problems lack adequate studies or data to guide a person in making huge decisions. You can use your advisor’s creative thinking skills to analyse the arising situations and subsequent problems. A client can also help you structure a business plan featuring clear business objectives, figure out problem-specific solutions, and explore extraordinary ideas.

Problem Solving Skills

The problem, regardless of its complexity, should be solved. And to solve various business problems, an analytical mind will be required capable of critical thinking, identifying patterns and trends, and organizing ideas. A qualified and experienced business consultant or advisor will take these steps as mentioned below.

  • The approach will be more solution-focused.
  • They look for ways that will define the problem clearly.
  • One of the most significant features of their job is that they simplify things.
  • And, they always think of multiple solutions from which they can choose the best one.

Communication Skills

According to various reports, most companies do not take any long-term strategy for internal communications. Faltering in communication channels also affects business operations. But, whenever you have a client who focuses more on communication skills, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Relationships will be more assertive with your clients, customers, and partners.
  • The innovations will be more.
  • Teamwork will be more efficient.
  • The customer experience will be better.
  • There will be much transparency, which will result in business growth.

Negotiation Skills

Are you planning to crack a new deal? Then, the first thing you should have in place is a fantastic negotiator. A negotiator should also be a great communicator. People with excellent negotiating skills know what to say and say the right words at the right place and time.

Sales and Marketing Skills

As the owner of your business, you will need to have someone with adequate knowledge about sales and marketing. Because these two are the main drivers of cash flow. You may get in touch with a consultancy providing quality business advisor services for valuable advice about marketing and sales. A leading business consultant or advisor will have the following qualities.

  • They read a lot and always want to learn something.
  • They explore more than one marketing channel.
  • A significant benefit is that they can closely work with your marketing team.

Financial Management Skills

If you want to allocate resources for various operational costs without avoiding potential risks and overhead expenses. You will need planned financial management skills. A financial consultant will first go through past data, research future projections, and create investment plans. Successful financial advisors have a great passion for wealth management and financial planning, in-depth analytical ability, curiosity about new things, and professional salesmanship. If you require the right suggestions for tax-related issues. A tax agent from Perth can be quite beneficial for your business.

Strategic Planning Skills

If you start a sole trader business, you have to accept that you need to perform duties of about 10 persons from the start. Thus, if you can strategically plan, your business will be in a perfect position for success. However, after the initial struggling period, it would be great to have a small business advisor.

Several studies show that a majority of the small companies do not focus on organizational strategy and thus have to deal with miscommunication among team members and problematic transitions. Strategic planning skills will include financial skills, customer-handling skills, organizational capacity skills, and skills required to handle internal processes.

Management Skills

There are three fundamental types of management skills that a proficient business advisor must possess.

  • The first set of skills is called technical skills, which refer to the ability of a financial advisor to use different software and tools to manage various business aspects.
  • Managers with the ability to see a much larger picture and design practical solutions have conceptual skills.
  • Another crucial skill is interpersonal skills. As the name indicates, these skills help a business owner develop a more friendly and cordial environment in the office and increase the value of the company’s human resources.

Time Management Skills

Time management is another crucial factor in running a business. It will help you keep your promises to clients and partners as well as maintain proper schedules for meetings and seminars.

Time-management strategies will include organizational design, goal-setting skills, communicating with others, planning, and delegation skills.

You may need to give more time to develop time management skills, but having a reliable advisor will make your business different from your competitors. Your business can become more productive and reach goals much faster.

Public Relations Skills

Several business consultants handle public relations where they carry out tasks like written communication, media relations, organizing events, and developing promotional strategies. Thus, for a business consultant to become an excellent public relations professional, they should have top-quality oral and written communication skills. Since media communication involves communicating stories and news to various media channels and creating sensations about newly launched products, an advisor must have excellent research skills too.


So, these are some of the qualities that you, as a business owner would look for in a business advisor. However, for tax payments or tax filing returns specifically, you will need to work with a professional tax accountant. If you search on Google by typing ‘tax agent near me, you can find several leading firms waiting to answer your queries. For these purposes, we always recommend working with top-rated agencies.


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