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Kerala’s top 10 tourist destinations

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If you’re going to visit God’s own land, you shouldn’t miss these top ten tourist sites in Kerala. Kerala is a popular tourist destination in India, always. The top 10 best tourist places in Kerala have been updated with images here. Let’s take a look at general knowledge about Kerala before we jump into the list of sites.


Across the ten paradises of the earth, according to the National Geographic Traveler, Kerala, God’s country with its unique culture and tradition has assured a place. Kerala is one of your lifetime’s must-visit places. Kerala remains at the top of tourist attractions with its intense grace rich in a stunning backwater, palm-lined beaches. Here you can choose our Kerala holiday packages for explore amazing places.


The places that differentiate tourist interests are among all attractions:


  1. Kannur


Kannur is a colonial town of rich heritage and picturesque beaches, Kannur or Cannanore, the land of Lord Krishna. In Kerala, Kannur is also a beautiful tourist location. It is often called “The Land of Looms and Lores” because it is rich in art and culture. Known for its special Youyam dance, known as God’s dance. Kannur is a great location to spend a day discovering its tradition and culture. Kannur, enriched by naturalistic cultural practices and ancient rituals, is one of the best tourist sites in Kerala.


  1. Varkala


Varkala is another location for visitors in Kerala along with the beauty of its beaches and the unique feeling of a relaxing atmosphere. This place is renowned for one of Kerala, Varkala Beach, or Papanasham Beach’s most beautiful beaches. The water from this beach is believed to be pure enough to cleanse all sinfulness. This place is home to various religious activities with the 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple and Sivagori Mutt. You can remain here with the famous temples and feel God’s atmosphere.


  1. Kumarakom


The best place to visit is always for tourists near Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom is also one of Kerala’s best tourist destinations. Backwaters, freshly padded fields, and villages in Kumarakom can be found in the surrounding area. This place is a suitable place for rides on houseboats and for authentic Kerala dishes. You should watch birds because many migratory birds live there.


  1. Wayanad


Wayanad is one of Kerala’s most green tourist destinations. Wayanad means paddy field. The natural wonder is said to be a location surrounded by lakes, caves, and waterfalls. It is a mixture of nature and the history of human beings which is home to over 50 tribal groups. This place is quite suitable for walking, for a fun-filled trip. Another attraction is that tourists can enjoy the wilderness with a lot of treehouses.


  1. Kozhikode


Kozhikode or Calicut is an important destination along the Malabar coast. This place was called “the city of sculptures,” with the heavy influence of Dutch and British architecture. The old folk songs Vadakkan Pattukal is believed to have come from Kozhikode villages. The city of spices is also renowned for its exotic spice range. The people of Kallummakkaya, Dum Biryani, Chatti Pathiri, Dal Halwa are all among the leading people and Malabar food has become well-known as fresh seafood dishes. Kozhikode is one of the best locations to evaluate a wide range of food products in Kerala.


  1. Kovalam


One of Kerala’s best shores with three crescent beaches – Hawa, Lighthouse, and Samudra. A tourist destination with its gentle golden sand and relaxing sea breeze. This place has a list of daring soul beach activities. This is also a well-known venue for ayurvedic cures. You can linger on the beaches and enjoy massages for 2 or 3 days. Kovalam is the best location for people from different mixed-culture countries. In November, Kovalam is the best time to visit.


  1. Thekkady


Thekkady is Kerala’s best resort forest. The ideal getaway for lovers of wildlife, with lush forest greenery and calm water which gives a soothing feel. The best place to schedule a one-day trip or even to stay and enjoy wildlife are resorts. It’s a house, for tigers, tigers, gaurs, sambars, bishops, macaques with lions, elephants, deers, boars, and more, with Periyar National Park. It’s one of Idukki’s best tourist sites.


  1. Kochi


The Arabian Sea Queen is one of Kerala’s best spots for tourists with a place in any bucket list of travelers. It is a mix of food, culture, and beaches with Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonial architecture. The St. Francis Church with the remains of Vasco Da Gama is home to the oldest European Church.


  1. Munnar


Munnar is one of Kerala’s most beautiful hill stations, famous for its tea and tea groves, which are famous for the wildlife. The wavy hills, which touch the cloud, inclined greenery valleys, and the cool scents of tea, make your soul and mind rejuvenate. Munnar is also marked as one of the best places for honeymoons in Kerala among the tourist attractions of Idukki.


The exotic flora and fauna of Munnar are renowned for its Neelakurinji, which once every 12 years is one of the exotic flora which also attracts visitors. You can also find Nilgiri Tahr and Elephants, endangered mountain goats, wandering around the tea plantations.


  1. Alleppey


The first picture of Alleppey or Alappuzha is a place with water bodies and lots of green cocoa trees. Alleppey is famous for its beaches and backwaters which welcome you every season. It has been dubbed Lord Curzon’s “Venice of the East” for its endless stretch of waters, canals, lagoons, paddy fields, and coconut trees, adding a visual atmosphere.


Since the water level is highest along with Vallamkali, the mountain is the best season to spend your holidays in Alleppey. In the months of June to September, the only boat race / Vallamkali of Kerala was visible.


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