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Kenwood Electric Ovens and Toasters: Which One to Get?

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Kenwood is a relatively large brand in Singapore with a wide offering of different types of appliances and electronics. If you are interested in a toaster oven or a convection oven, Kenwood should be on your shortlist. Kenwood Singapore electric, toaster and convection oven site lists just three models and all of them work well and have a great fit and finish.

Kenwood MO280 Toaster Oven

This is the only toaster oven you will be able to find on the Kenwood Singapore site. Worldwide, the brand has a few more models available but for Singapore, the list just one. The toaster oven itself has a simple design with a metal enclosure painted in white. It does not feel cheap or as if it is made out of too many plastic parts.

The toaster oven has a modest 10-liter capacity but also modest is the price tag. It can fit 4 toast slices and can cook various types of pastries. Cleaning it is relatively easy. There is a crumb tray that slides out.

Kenwood MO740 Electric Oven

The MO740 is their mid-range model, with a reasonable price tag and a good set of features. The model features several cooking modes and includes a grill rotisserie and convection function. It can cook an entire chicken but it can also be used as a toaster or to warm up food.

Build quality is what you would expect from a Kenwood product. It has a clean design with a white steel enclosure and a large glass door with a stainless steel handle. On the right side, it hosts three large knobs that can be used to adjust the temperature, cooking mode, or timer.

Kenwood MOM880BS Electric Oven

On  https://shop.kenwoodworld.com/kw_sg/cooking/convection-ovens.html, you will be able to find the MOM880BS model. It is their most expensive offering, out of all the models available in Singapore. It has a premium stainless steel finish with a brushed aspect. While it may be immune to scratches as there are no painted surfaces, it will require constant cleaning since brushed stainless steel makes it easy to spot grease and fingerprint marks.

As far as features go, the convection oven offers a generous 32-liter capacity and several cooking programs that can be selected using the side-mounted dials. It can cook meat, pastry or it can make toasted bread. The model also has a warming function and comes with several rotisserie accessories.

Which One To Pick?

The smaller electric oven may not be worth getting since it has a small 25-liter capacity. The MOM880BS seems like a more appealing option in terms of capacity and cooking modes. It does more with less effort. This does lead to a higher price tag as it is the more expensive one out of the two.

If you want just toast, the MO280 electric toaster is the best option. The electric ovens can make toast but if you do not see yourself using the oven function to cook food too often, you should avoid them and stick with the toaster.

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