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Keep It Real: 4 Types of Real Estate You Should Know About


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Did you know that over 60 percent of Americans own real estate? For most people, this means a single-family home or apartment. However, some people also own buildings for business or a variety of other purposes.

Have you considered investing in real estate to grow your financial portfolio and turn a profit? Here are the four main types of real estate, and how you can benefit from each one.

1. Land or Vacant Property

Are you looking for an option that is cost-effective? You should think about buying land or vacant lots as your real estate investment.

If your vacant lot is in a desirable area, then you may be able to sell it for a higher price in the future. You can also allow businesses to construct on it and collect rent to help pay off your investment more quickly.

2. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estates involves any building that isn’t residential, such as gas stations and storefronts. Think of any building you’ve seen around your area that has a “For Lease” sign in the window or out front.

There are types of real estates agents that specialize in commercial property, so you can get all of the information you need in the process.

Look out for up-and-coming areas in your city to get in on the ground. That way, you can lease to businesses for a higher rate if you know that the area will be popular.

3. Residential Real Estate

Residential real estates is probably one of the most common types of real estate investments. The best way to find out about local residential real estates listings is to contact a realtor, such as Heart and Home Real Estate.

Once you invest in residential real estates, you can find tenants to move into your rental property. Ideally, you can make enough every month from rent to pay the mortgage, property taxes, and related fees.

Residential real estates is a great investment because home values generally increase over time. Once your mortgage is paid off, you can make a large profit margin every month.

4. Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate is any building or property for the purpose of manufacturing, research, or production. These are solid investments because they are part of the global economy and extremely vital.

If you do not want to get hands-on with industrial real estate, you can contribute to an investment fund or brokerage. You can still turn a profit without having to deal with the day-to-day issues.

So Many Types of RE

If you are thinking about investing in real estates, then you should know exactly what you want to purchase. With these types of real estate, you can explore your options and feel confident in your investment.

Want to learn about more ways you can invest in yourself and your future? Check out our site for more ideas and inspiration.

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