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Kaftans- The History of a Traditional Dress

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Kaftans are one of the most comfortable dresses you can wear wherever you want. This piece of garment is highly versatile, and it is worn by different cultures across the world. Today, kaftans have come across a lot of changes and available in various designs, styles, and fabrics. You will find the embellished kaftans, printed ones, stripped, or of numerous designs. But, kaftans are not a modern-day invention. It is traditional apparel that has been in fashion since ancient times. Initially, men used to wear it, and slowly it became an important fashion trend for women around the world. 

There are different types of kaftan dresses like tie-dyed kaftan dresses, sequined kaftan dresses, long and short kaftans, and so many more, but it has a rich history that represents the culture of different countries.

Origin of Kaftan

Kaftan is believed to be introduced in Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. These were worn as robes over other pieces of garments. It was a popular robe for the Ottoman Sultans from 14th to 18th Centuries, and some relics depict the Sultans used to wear very lavishly and designer kaftans. As a symbol of political power, kaftans were gifted to the generals and guests. Usually, kaftans were made of silk, wool, cotton, etc., and bound with a belt or sash.

In countries like North and West Africa and the Iranian plateau, kaftans were worn by both men and women. From an early age, kaftans have been considered as one of the most comfortable wear because of the loose-fitting and breezy fabric. As this apparel is made of easy and free-flowing fabric, it can lower your body temperature and make you feel comfortable. 

How Kaftans Made Its Way in the Fashion Industry

From the 20th Century, kaftan slowly stepped into the western world. The celebrated designers used to design the kaftans, based on the Middle-east culture, made dresses like kaftans for women. Soon, kaftans became popular there because of their easy-breezy style. The fashion world of the western world got something new than the corseted and tight-fitted styles of garments. Not only kaftans brought new designs, but they also changed the look of fashionable women and liberated them from the age-old ideas of fashion.

For several decades after the 1940s and 50s, kaftans ruled the fashion industry and were one of the major trends on the runways. Soon, it became the favorite resort-wear for those who fell in love with its free-flowing style. Though after the 1970s kaftans lost the craze, it was regained in the last decade, and since then, it has become one of the most popular wears.

Present Day Scenario

Today, kaftans can be worn everywhere. If you want to wear it as beachwear, use it as a stylish cover-up for your beachwear. Once you pair it with a flip-flop and a sunglass, you will look beach perfect!

Kaftans can also be worn at the office. Go for short kaftan tops and pair them with jeans or leggings. Try not to choose too many bold colors and heavy designs for the office. Keep it minimal. For any cocktail party or formal evening party, long kaftan dresses can be the best thing to wear. If you are bold, you can try one shoulder or deep neck kaftans. 

There is another amazing thing about kaftans is it suits women of all ages, skin colors, shapes, and sizes. You just need to know which one is for you. For example, if you are a large woman, go for bell sleeves. The petite women can try short kaftans with shorts or a pair of jeans. The mid-length kaftans are perfect for short women.

So, here we have discussed the history of kaftans and how they became a fashion trend from ancient times to the modern-day. Buy your favorite Kaftan, flaunt your beauty.

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