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Its All About Roman Warriors

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Everyone knows that the ancient Roman heroes kicked hard. In fact, the growth of the Roman Empire was virtually unstoppable for almost 500 years. That is, until 476 AD, when they found themselves fighting against the Barbarians who invaded Rome from the German occupation of Europe.

This time, it was the guys with Barbarian names who kicked hard, not the Romans. This was one of their greatest defeats to the Romans. And what made this eviction less disgraceful is the fact that it was done by an unorganized army. What was most embarrassing to the Romans was that the “rag-tag” army had no weapons — and in fact, some of them were not wearing anything — and they were using the wrong hodgepodge of weapons.

For the Barbarians, this was their greatest victory, and even today, this war stands as a defining moment in the unification of Germany. So, how come the Barbarians — who seemed to be nothing but wandering, chaotic, knit gangs of boys with the intention of fighting a clobber and powerful Romans?

When we look at how the Barbarians fought their wars and what they did to prepare themselves, it gives us a clue as to why they are a force that can be taken lightly.

You should know that Barbarians

First of all, you should know that Barbarians, in fact, are racist, non-partisan, war-oriented — the art of terrorist warfare. They have developed their own fighting skills and love to fight with their hands, unexpected surprises and fight without rules. They had almost no armor or helmets and were sometimes assigned without a chest or even a guard. So while the Romans were well-trained fighters, they fought as part of an organized unit — in other words, if one fell, the other took his place. On the contrary, the Barbarians were unorganized. It was more or less, everyone was doing it for themselves — and that’s how they trained themselves.

Whether it was made by construction or by nature, the Barbarians were almost always in a state of endless training. Not only would each small tribe constantly be fighting another nation, but in order to keep their toes, the boys of each tribe often fought. So, in particular, more so than other heroic cultures — all of which used weapons to a greater extent than they did — the Barbarians relied on their own power to defeat their enemies like people with Paladin names.

Because of this, it was very important for the Barbarians to continue to strive to build bigger muscles or type III muscle, as well as to increase mitochondrial congestion. So for them, their training activities would focus on those things that include a high level of cardio resistance.

Hand-to-hand combat

Hand-to-hand combat would help them improve speed, accuracy, flexibility and strength. But in addition to this, they would also need to build their levels of endurance so there would be more running. However, to significantly increase mitochondrial congestion and to build larger hybrid muscles, they could also spend more time running the distances carrying any equipment they may have used at the time.

They would also gradually slow down cardio resistance — still holding all the good — as they moved from place to place. The Barbarians were nomads so they were constantly on the move and their mode of attack was similar to that used by the Vikings — fast, unpredictable attacks.

Remember, too, that less or less guerrilla warfare is pioneered, requiring unusual flexibility, speed, and versatility. Knowing this, we can be absolutely sure that their training methods would not involve doing the same thing every day.

In order to develop and hone the fighting skills they needed to defeat their enemies, they would have to constantly mix things up. And, like the other heroic traditions we talked about, they didn’t exercise to look good — they focused on performance.

Wrapping Up

Barbarians definitely go down in history as one of the greatest heroic traditions of all time. Stay tuned as we explore how we can build the same Super Hybrid muscles that the Barbarians had by copying some of their training methods. As you have learned so far it will include building strength and resistance to cardio or max conditioning.

When it comes to building a “Warrior Physique” you will need to train as a hero and that includes getting out of your comfort zone and doing muscle-building and burning exercises at the same time as cardio resistance or conditioning.

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