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ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa Goa

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Are you looking for train or flight tickets to book online? It is currently the world’s largest and the most convenient ways to book thebest cheap hotels from a perfect booking website. Goibibo is one such platform where tourists can enjoy the best traveling time with convenient features. When ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa Goa is your destination, make sure that you book from the trusted website of the travel freaks and it is none other than Goibibo.

Brings in more experience for travel freaks

  • ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa Goa is a different kind of an experience that brings in more and more cool features. The website itself gets about 2 millions of booking all throughout the day.
  • It is available in over 500+ destinations within the targeted timespan and without any hassle. All you need to do is to keep a check on the websites and keep tracking the cheap accommodation without any hesitation.
  • There are showrooms and health clubs with the latest and modern facilities for body care. The holiday inn express is truly filled with modern amenities and fantastic features.
  • The cozy beds in the Hotel promise their guests to have a good night’s sleep ensuring the guests by waking up refreshed and also energized.

What makes Goibibo so easy to book to your favorite destination?

  • It is convenient and is easy to use almost both the websites by making a booking at the mobile app
  • Looking for hotels, apartments, guest houses, resorts and many more turn up within the budget
  • Searching from Goibibo can give rise to best results that fixes exactly for the traveler
  • You can also use credit/debit card/UPI/NEFT/Online money transfer to the hotel booking at ITC Grand Goa Resort.
  • The hotel management highly recommend booking by taking their time and preparing a bill

Take care during the pandemic season

The advantage of the hotel booking is that they should always look for reasons why people are always looking for quicker services. The pandemic situation in all sectors have made quick alerts. It shows exactly how exactly things need to be maintained. The wearing of the masks are made mandatory and tourists have to wear it accordingly.  The necessary measures also include preparations.

Face masks are made mandatory

Every hotels in Goa and in the surroundings, all offers with all linens and the right kind of sanitization and also temperate wash to remove the obstacles. The face masks are made mandatory with almost a regular sanitization through the record of all kind of high-traffic areas.The hotel is situated in the heart of the city in Goa and so things need to be more perfect. There are travel restrictions that are still made mandatory among the tourists hailing from different places.

Guidelines on hygiene and aseptic tips

COVID-19 Hygiene and cleanliness tips are maintained with better scopes. The Free Wi-Fi zone with the free parking, non-smoking, gym and air conditioning are the latest amenities with property highlights. Travelers can get more services with better facilities with ITC Grand Goa Resort. The decorated parts of the restaurant and bar are truly artistic and allow breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper time to be seated in such a wonderful area.

Amenities of the hotel rooms at ITC Grand Goa

The booming demand for ITC Grand Goa Resort at Goa allows many new projects are coming up, which adds at least another 200+ rooms. This estimates to about 15 to 24 months. Checking the price tags of the hotel rooms can help travelers decide the right objectives. The main amenities are as follows:

  • smoke-free rooms
  • Intercom facilities
  • Housekeeping services
  • Free Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Restaurants and bar facilities
  • 24X7 help desk facilities
  • Emergency parking zone
  • Well-maintained air conditioners
  • Regular sweeping and sanitizing of the rooms
  • Premium and all TV channels

Other facilities at the hotel includes the further following amenities:

  • Business centre for meetings and conferences
  • Private bathroom with cleaning facilities
  • Wheelchair accessible with the parking on-site
  • Laundry and ironing clothes facilities
  • Cozy king size beds
  • Food experience and suite experience

The eco-geo and the eco-biological revolutions of Goa still includes its shine and perfect matches in the modern infrastructure. The modern infrastructure and also the best and modern trends of the hotel and its amenities drag in more and more travelers in the place. Across the beach city of Goa it also includes the housing colonies, campuses, shopping destinations, beach parties and also the finest auditoriums.

Get the best beach experience in all directions of Goa

ITC Grand Goa Resortoffers with a majority of the simple and true features to their guests and travelers. The elaboration of the majestic tourist spots imposes the beaches and visits every direction of Goa, starting from North to South and East to West is a bundle of joy that loosens its spirit with the tourists and the waters of the Arabian Sea. There are ample of facilities that give rise to many reasons behind the framing of the tourist base and other forms of healthy measures to be practiced by the clients.

Check-in and check outs are properly set

The Resort is arranged and managed with proper floors. The check-ins and the check-out is made flexible with the travelers. The check-out time needs to be properly maintained, but there is still relaxation in the check-out timings. In Goa, there are travel restrictions in some places due to the increase of the pandemic once again. It is a request that the owners make. It is so that they should contact the property in advance for the check-in instructions.

Staff managements at ITC Grand Goa

The front desk staff and also the others working at ITC Grand Goa Resort work with a warm welcoming of the guests. These help in greeting the guests on their arrival.The self-quarantine service is available with the COVID-19 pandemic. Government issued photo card is essential at the check-in. Exploring Goa’s directory and the resort books helps inthe stay with secured terms and will help in featuring the latest features. The maximum check-in age is 18 years and not below that unless the teenager comes with family. There are certain special check-in instructions at the hotel premises.


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