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Top 5 Common Issues Found in Apple iPhone

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iPhones are known for providing smooth and seamless performance. iPhones are one of the top-selling smartphones around the world, especially in Singapore. According to the statistics by Statista , Apple has the largest market share of about 33.6% of Singapore’s mobile vendor market in 2020. But that does not mean that these much-talked-about phone has not had its fair share of issues. iPhone users tend to face various types of problems when they update to new software updates, transferring date from old to new iPhone, or even jailbreak. There can be various reasons for iPhone problems, from hardware to software-related issues. You can fix some of the issues yourself, but some issues can only be fixed by visiting a professional iPhone repair service center in Singapore. Read the following for five common issues found in Apple iPhone.

1. iPhone White Screen of Death

Failed upgrades, jailbreaks, or hardware problems can be the source of this problem. You can try restarting your device. If that does not work, you can resolve the issue by hard reset or factory reset your phone. If that still doesn’t work, you can try to reboot your iPhone in DFU, also known as Device Firmware Upgrade mode. If that is still not working, you should visit an iPhone repair service center in Singapore. There are various iPhone repair service centers in Singapore, and one of the most reputable is Esmond Repair and Service.

You should keep in mind that both hard rest and booting in DFU mode will clear out all your setting and data on your iPhone. If you happen to come across a situation where your iPhone is stuck on a white screen and does not have iTunes or iCloud backup, you should first backup your vital information on your laptop or somewhere else before proceeding with the reset.

2. Water Damaged iPhone

Suppose you happen to spill a glass of water on your iPhone or accidentally drop it in the swimming pool. Water-damaged iPhones may or may not be able to turn on. There is a high chance that you may lose all your iPhone data. Even Apple does not cover liquid damages in its one-year warranty. 

You can try to dry it by rubbing it on a towel and remove the SIM card. You should not plug it or turn it on. You can also keep it with silica gel sachets for up to 2 days for it to completely dry up.

Water or any liquid damage to the iPhone results in the loss of data on your phone. However, you can recover your lost photos, video, contacts, and other stuff from iCloud or iTunes backup. If the above-stated tips do not work, you should try visiting the iPhone repair service center. They have solutions for all the issues related to iPhone. If you happen to drop it on the liquid surface, there is a chance that your iPhone screen might be damaged. If that happens, you can also get your iPhone cracked screen repair by visiting the known iPhone repair service center.

3. Sluggish Performance

While iOS 14 seems more stable and snappier than the previous version, most iPhone users have reported that their iPhone becomes extremely sluggish after the software update. It is a common problem that most people go through. In most cases, the reason for this issue is due to the clogged-up storage. 

Cluttered storage makes the device slow to clean up the device by getting rid of redundant files and outdated applications. In some rare cases, the software bugs may also be responsible for your slow phone. You will need to clean up your phone storage and upgrade to the latest iOS version to fix this issue. 

4. iPhone Black Screen

Dropping your iPhone, spilling water on it, updating an app, malware, bad firmware, jailbreak, etc., could be the cause of the iPhone’s black screen.

First, to fix the issue, begin with charging your iPhone completely to rule out any battery issue.

If the problem persists, restore your iPhone to factory settings via iTunes, but this also leads to iPhone data loss. If that does not seem to fix the problem, visit the iPhone repair service center Singapore as they are well experienced in fixing all types of issues that come with the iPhone. You may have to leave your phone with them for a couple of days. If there is a major issue, Esmond Service and Repair Centre promises to return your phone in less than 60mins*!

5. Cannot Backup the Data

Sometimes iPhone is not able to back up the data to the iCloud. If you have such an issue, the reason for it may be that the storage is full. If the storage is full, you can try deleting some data from it, such as unwanted games, photos, videos, etc. Games take on a lot of storage space, just like the mail app. You should clear these first if you don’t want to delete other stuff on your phone. You can also opt to upgrade the storage plan. Before trying all these steps, you should check for an iOS update. If there are no updates, try resetting the network options by resetting Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, and cellular settings. You can do this by navigating through Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings.


These are some of the common iPhone issues and solutions reported to date. If you face any of the difficulties mentioned above, you can try resolving them with the tips given. Still, if it is the first time facing this issue, you should visit the iPhone repair service center in Singapore, as they are experts in what they do and will repair your phone in no time. Trying to solve the issues by yourself can result in permanent damage to your phone.


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