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Is wearing an abaya a good idea?

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Changing your fashion or style statement from being a chic or trendy person. Modest fashion is no walk in the park. There will be many temptations calling you towards the other lifestyle. Resisting them will not be easy and that’s the fact. So, what other options do we have here? Well, the big brands like the Black Camels have made modest fashion quite easy and accessible to women today. We do not have to rely on boring long black robes to cater to our modest fashion needs. Black Camels have an extensive variety of abayas in their stores. Offering trendy and fashionable long robes to ensure all your modest fashion needs are carefully met.

Gone are the days when women were TOLD to dress in a certain way. Today women are independently taking all the decisions from their dressing to their career choices. There is no stopping to it and there is absolutely no stopping because of the way women dress. The world has come a lot ahead of it now. Women are seen a lot more than that. For people who are still confused about what abaya is?

What is abaya?

It is one of the known and liked Muslim clothing all over the Middle East. For people who do not know about it, this dress is long and beautiful with long sleeves. The overall look is not only linked with the Arabian women but women looking for modest dressing also don such long clothing.  

Why should a woman wear abaya?

For the newcomers, we would like to tell you abayas do not really have any defined strategies and rules. It’s upon the woman, however, she wishes to carry it she can. The main idea is to keep themselves covered. The same rule goes for the men too, men are advised to keep themselves covered too. 

There is no denying the fact that abayas are relatively heavy on pocket. However, brands like The Black Camels make it easier for the shoppers by introducing cheaper products. Your abaya speaks on behalf of you, the way you look and wear says a lot about you. Apart from it, you have unlimited customization options. You can make it an evening party wear, regular daily wear or just occasional wear.  

It’s comfort, soft and gentle female outlook is what makes it so special and preferable. The abaya is perfectly amalgamated with a hijab or even niqab, therefore it is the ultimate Islamic women wear.

Despite the sudden upsurge in the trend of wearing abayas, there has been confusion seen in women regarding how to source or choose an abaya? Especially for the first-timers who are not aware of this fashion, they often find bewildered when they go out for abaya shopping. 

Sit back and relax, we have a lot of ideas for you and some tips and tricks to help you get the perfect abaya both for casual wear or formal wear.

Abaya fabric

This is one thing that you must never ignore, the fabric can make or break your abaya look. You must go for the one that you feel most comfortable in. The light fabric is perfect for the hot summer days and something warm would go with the cold winter days.

No matter how beautiful the abaya you liked is, if you know that fabric does not bring you comfort, do not buy it. If you are shopping online, it is preferable to choose a refined fabric, since the copied material does not usually provide the fall that abaya needs. Moreover, make sure you are asking the seller about the abaya fabric. 

Classic abaya

The regular classic black abaya is all we have seen all over the world. People love wearing them as it gives off a classic and neutral look that is perfect for both the casual and formal look. 

The plain black abaya remains the classic mysteriously flowing, showing class and style. However, nowadays this garment has become so favorable and desirable by many women who follow different religions and traditions. Therefore, it has been through various changes in its fabrics, styles and colors to suit the constantly changing demands of their customers. 

Match with your skin tone

All the fashionistas are already aware of the colors that go best with their skin tone. Or maybe the different contrasts and the hues. If you are a fashion freak, I am sure you already know your perfect match. Because nobody wants to end up looking like they have worn a bathrobe by buying the wrong shade abaya dress.

Following are a few tips that can make you feel like a Queen.

Consider your length

Your abaya length can make or break your overall look. If it is too small it will look pretty awkward and in case it is too long you can trip and fall down. Apart from it, you want to look good when you wear an abaya, the change in size can ruin your overall look. Make sure you are giving proper sizing to your tailor so that you do not have to go through the hassle of getting your sizes changed. 

Ideally your abaya should sit right around your ankles. You can go a little below that line however, if following Islam, you need to keep your abaya below your ankles. To get the right size, measure your body’s length right from your shoulder to ankle. 

Get the right shows

Your shoes make a style statement when you wear abaya. Since it is the only thing that people can see. It is related to the personal preference of women, whatever she likes to wear. However, as fashion experts, we recommend wearing flats with the dress style abaya and the open toes are the best ones to go with. The reason why the abayas do not really have a lot of design flourishes. Compliment this dress with a minimalistic look in terms of accessories and shows both and you are all set to rock the party.

The overall fit

You need to have an abaya that flows and not stick. While you may be a fan of slim-fit abayas, we would recommend you go for the regular-fit garment that can be easily tied around the waist. It will help you maintain your modesty while you can achieve the fit that you are looking for.

However, again I would say, get yourself measured, it is fairly important before you make any purchase. Trust me you do not want an abaya that fits on your body and makes you uncomfortable. Your comfort should be your priority while shopping for it. 

To wrap it up, wearing abayas purchased from the Black Camels can never be a bad idea since they have a huge variety of collections catering to the fashion needs of every woman. Since the COVID19 has hit us, our shopping trends have tremendously changed and digitalization has made its way into our lives. If you are looking for some chic, trendy and simple abaya designs, there is no better place than the Black Camels for this.


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