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Is Veterans Day Celebrated in Other Countries?

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Every year on November 11th, the US celebrates Memorial Day. That brings up a question. Is Veterans Day celebrated in other countries? 

The answer is yes. 

Several countries have their own version of the holiday. Israel has Hom Hazikaron. The Netherlands celebrates Veteranendag at the end of June every year. 

Germany has their Veteran’s Day at almost the same time as the US. It’s called Volkstrauertag. It’s better known as the people’s day of morning. 

Do you want to know how these countries celebrate Veteran’s Day? Check out this guide to find out. 


On the fourth of Iyar, those in Israel celebrate Hom Hazikaron. It’s a day that the country remembers the soldiers that lost their lives while defending it. 

A siren goes off at 8 PM. During this time, citizens stop what they’re doing and take a moment to honor the fallen. That includes drivers. They park their cars and get out to stand in silence. 

The next morning, a second siren goes off to mark the beginning of private memorial ceremonies. The entire thing ends with a celebration at the national cemetery. 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has Veteranendag. It translates as Veteran’s Day. It takes place near the end of June. 

There is a big parade at the Malieveld. While the celebration is in full swing, the Dutch Airforce performs a flyover. 

It pays tribute to the troops that fought in the Afghanistan War and has been going on since 2005. 

Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia both celebrate Anzac Day. It honors those lost in World War 1. 

Citizens play a game called two-up. It was a popular way for soldiers to pass the time during service. Anzac Day is the only day it’s legal to play the game due to its association with unregulated gambling. 

All you need to play is a paddle and two pennies. Players stand in a circle and bet on how the coins will end up.

The designated spinner will toss the coins in the air using the paddle. If both coins land on heads, the spinner wins. If they land on tails, they lose. 


Volkstrauertag takes place in Germany every year around the 16th of November. As stated above, it’s also known as a day of mourning. 

The day starts with a speech from the Chancellor and President of the Federal Republic. 

After the speeches, the National Anthem plays, followed by a traditional song of mourning. Whereas some countries have gifts for veterans, veterans in Germany honor the fallen with wreaths. 

Is Veterans Day Celebrated in Other Countries? The Answer Is Yes

Is Veterans Day celebrated in other countries? Turns out, several nations have their own celebrations. 

In Australia and New Zealand, citizens flock to pubs to take part in two-up. It’s the only day when the game is allowed. 

The Netherlands has a parade, Germany has speeches and songs, and Isreal has a moment of silence. For more information on how countries celebrate common holidays, explore the rest of our blog.


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