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Is the pandemic situation making us stressed and prone to anxiety disorders?

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All the news channels and the newspapers are filled with the statistics and shoot up information about corona cases. Such information is supposed to create a negative impact on our mental state. According to a psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “ We all are worried about our families since our lives are at stakes. This pandemic has not only affected our lifestyle but has significantly impacted our financial condition.

So in today’s article, we shall be learning all those things by doing which we can get rid of the stress and anxiety during this difficult time:

Social tools

Social tools are a huge source of relaxation. Since they help the individual to get the appropriate and accurate information. Besides we can stay connected with our name or close ones who can give us strength and will not let us get stressed or anxious. 

It is normal now

Covid 19 is getting common nowadays. You should accept this situation as something normal. Despite thinking about when it will go, you should make yourself understand that if you follow the necessary precautions, then you can surely save yourself from this disease.

Verbalise your feelings

You should set a time limit for a day in which you should only be thinking about what worst can happen in the wake of this pandemic. If you do not want to share your feelings for you do not want to verbalise them. Then you should go write about how you feel.

Stay connected with the present

All of us are not finding our present as the pleasant feeling giver. And because of that either we like to think about our pasts or the future. But all of us need to learn how to stay in the present and how to cope up with the present situations. For that you can do the following:

  • You can cook your favourite dish. It will keep your mind occupied.
  • You can think about the food you are eating.
  • Feel the Sensations of your fingers when you are using your phone or you are typing something

Breathing And another exercise

The importance of exercises has been recognised for ages. So how can we overlook this relaxing technique through the difficult corona times? If you’d like to focus on breathing exercises, you can also find the best breathing app and follow that to make things easier.

Meditate for sometime

Mediation also helps. The yogis in the ancient period used to practice meditation to make themselves free from worldly worries. This way, they thought, they can give their whole time in the worship of the god.

Bottom Line

But if you think that your stress levels and anxiety have crossed major levels, then it’s high time, visit the Manas hospital which provides the best psychiatric help. Do not wait for a single second, if you think that your mental state is getting worsened.


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