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Is it time to break your age-old tie with Teradata?

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Teradata has been ruling the data warehousing business since the 1980s. Their massive parallel processing or MPP model was unbeatable for decades. Parallel processing afforded enterprises the speed they expected while maintaining the security for their valuable data assets.


Teradata can boast a significantly large number of happy clients and deservingly so. However, things have changed a little bit over the last decade. Data, which had always been a dormant or latent asset for companies, has suddenly taken the front seat. It has become so central to the functionalities of a company that every failed query can cause serious problems. From this standpoint, Teradata may seem a bit dated to businesses that deal with huge amounts of data.

General pitfalls

When it comes to data warehousing, performance is one of the defining factors. While you can store and manage large amounts of data in Teradata’s distributed and parallel computing system, performance seems to be a matter of concern for many companies.


There have been issues regarding failed queries, slow synchronization, and maintenance. The cost of maintaining huge data assets on Teradata is high. Scalability is limited, and access to relevant data is often difficult.

Overcoming the obstacles

Companies that have operated on Teradata for years become very skeptical about exploring other options. They are often dragged by the notion that it is impossible to migrate huge data assets to a different platform. This obstacle is a myth, and it must be busted  for businesses to move to a better-suited solution.


There are three ways you can move your assets from Teradata. You can move all workloads to a new age cloud-based platform. You can keep the reporting and analytics capabilities on Teradata and move the remainder to a cloud service. Or you can try virtualization without disturbing your current operations.

Snowflake as a solution

Teradata to snowflake migration has gained some serious popularity among businesses. Your cloud adoption journey can start with performing full or partial migration to Snowflake. Snowflake provides you cloud service on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can access, query, analyze and share data on this platform without worrying about failures and lags. You get optimum performance, complete control, and thorough visibility.

Adopting Snowflake has brought a lot of welcome changes for many businesses. They have become more agile and more confident with their data architecture. New businesses are growing with a cloud-first approach, and old companies who have been operating on traditional data warehousing solutions are moving on to Snowflake. This shift can provide up to 91% more speed in completion of data queries and ensures that failure instances are rare.

Get a helping hand

Migrating your workloads to Snowflake from Teradata can be a daunting task due to legal and technological complexities. These issues can be tackled with the help of migration service providers who can help you change platforms without hassle. 


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