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Is It Necessary for Kids to Have Speech Therapy?

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Many parents are concerned about their child’s speech therapy and development. To be successful globally, all parents naturally want their children to be excellent and confident communicators. However, most Kids Speech Therapy Adelaide will tell you that some mispronunciations and speech impairments are relatively frequent until the age of six or seven, making it difficult to determine whether a kid indeed requires therapy or if their speech patterns would develop usually given enough time.


Everyone wants their child to grow up healthy, but it’s not always clear if a child’s behaviour indicates a typical developmental stage or a sign of something odd. Kids Psychology in Adelaide can assist you in distinguishing between the two. Understanding a kid’s distinct and abnormal psychological patterns can help parents better interact and connect with their child, educate their child on coping methods for regulating emotions, and help them flourish and thrive as they move through each developmental stage.

Here’s a detailed age wise guide on children’s Speech Therapy in Adelaide:

Kids speech therapy should help you decide whether your child requires extra testing before speech treatment is recommended.

Children who come below 1 year

While it takes a youngster roughly a year to learn to form words, they will still use their voices to explore and relate to their surroundings. We’ve all heard kids babble and coo, and while you may have dismissed it as baby talk, it’s a vital component of their growth. Around the age of nine months, new-borns begin putting together these seemingly diverse sounds to imitate the language they have heard their parents speak.

Children who come between 12 to 18 months

Around this age, children’s speech should begin to incorporate a more extensive range of sounds. Their impersonations of their parents and family members will improve, albeit they may still only be one- or two-word messages. The majority of these words will be nouns, such as “ball” or “toy.” Children may also begin to show indicators that they have heard and comprehended simple instructions.

Children who come between 18 to 24 months

Toddlers have a vocabulary of roughly twenty words by one and a half years, which will grow to fifty or more by two. They will usually start recognising everyday items, whether in person or images, listening to and following up on two-step orders. If your child does not gesture, prefers over vocalisation, or has problems reproducing the sounds made by family members before the age of two, you may need speech therapy.

Children who fall between the ages of 2 to 3 years

After two years, parents frequently see significant improvements in their children’s speech, such as a quickly expanding vocabulary and regularly using three-word or longer sentences. Children as young as three years old may begin to fully comprehend complex instructions such as “put that beneath your bed.” They’ll also start using descriptive terms like big and little, as well as the primary colours.

Kids psychology in Adelaide can also help children deal with early childhood trauma, recognise abnormal behaviours early, and pinpoint the basis of common behavioural difficulties such as learning issues, hyperactivity, or anxiety. They can also aid in preventing, assessing, and diagnosing developmental delays or disorders like autism.


If you feel your kid may require Speech Pathology Adelaide services, make an appointment with your child’s regular paediatrician first. They can help you figure out if your child is on track compared to other kid’s ages; then they can suggest advanced testing or therapy.

We have skilled and expert speech pathologists, Ursula Portolesi (founder) has developed flexible programs and personal goals and aims to create unique and personalized speech therapy programs for its clients. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 08 7082 4233.


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