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Is it a good idea to plan your engagement in 2021 in London?

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The pandemic hit in 2020 and then all major events and gathering were put on hold. But with vaccinations going on and things overall looking better, people are allowed to meet by following certain guidelines. Masks and sanitisers area way of life now and there is no foregoing that. Special events like a family gathering, wedding or engagement can take place without having a crowd and with precautions in place. So, is it a good idea to plan your engagement now? Yes.

Life is short and waiting for a special moment for long may be hard. We do want to have our close family and friends around when we are experiencing a special, life-changing moment. But with the current situation, having a crowd may not be the best option. However, there are things you can do to make it memorable.

  • Plan something intimate and special. There are people whom you will miss, but being safe is better.
  • When you are looking for an engagement ring London, make sure to use tools such as an online consult with the jeweller and finalizing the design virtually. Then you can visit the store on the final day to collect it or buy the ring online.
  • When choosing a venue, look for open spaces if you plan to involve family and friends. That way a big group doesn’t have to be indoors where chances of infection are higher.
  • You could virtually stream your engagement if you want to involve family and technology can help in that.
  • Use masks yourselves, give out masks to invited guests and also hand out sanitisers or keep them at easily accessible places.
  • Make bookings and plan everything in advance. With restrictions in place, last minute or impromptu jigs may not be successful.

We may not have to wait for the perfect time to arrive to plan an engagement because there may not be something like a “perfect” time. This could be as good as it gets for a while so we will have to make use of it.Take all of the steps that one would for an engagement. Finalize the ring – choose lab grown diamonds UK or natural stones for the ring depending on what your fiancé would like. Ask her friends about the kind of proposal she would like.

You can have family and friends watching the proposal and then join you for a party.  Try to keep really close people for the real event so that you are sticking to the guidelines. Food and beverages can be pre-packaged or you can talk to a caterer for delivery. Food is an essential item so you may not have a problem in sourcing it. Although not all restaurants will be open for delivery, you can talk to them and plan in advance.

Having an engagement in 2021 in London should be a possibility with the look of things. Vaccination drives are being held and the government is slowly opening places and allowing people to come outside of their homes.


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