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Is Hip Hop Gold Filled Jewelry Really a Phenomenon in the Jewelry Industry?

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In the fashion world, hip hop accessories and jewelry have become a comprehensive part of remarkable trends. The popularity of this trend is not only limited to celebrities but also among all the fashion-conscious individuals. So, in terms of demand, it holds a significant place in the jewelry industry. Specifically, gold filled hip hop jewelry always has an exclusive appeal for its glossy bold designs. 

The passionate jeweler’s opt this hip hop jewelry trend as a brand new path to explore their creativity and skill. Here, the most remarkable thing is the high range of expense of gold filled hip hop jewelry. So, with every passing day, the gold jewelers try to concentrate on the lightweight design of gold filled hip hop jewelry. Because, due to the high cost of gold, the gold filled hip hop accessories makers are not ready to lose the demand.

Therefore, the trend, cost and popularity force the gold jewelers to think about the hip hop jewelry pattern to make this affordable in the midst of crucial changes in gold market value. Now, the entire hip hop jewelry industry faces plenty of breakthroughs in making this type of in-fashion jewelry available to the common people.

All the points you have gone through above indicate that hip hop jewelry has become a phenomenon.

As a passionate fashionista, you must have a special interest in knowing about its origin. So, here the following discussion will pacify your eagerness.

What Is The Origin of Hip Hop Jewelry Trend?

To know the origin of this particular jewelry trend, you have to go back to the period of the 1980s and 90s. In that period, the term ‘hip hop’ originated. In between the 80s and 90s, the trend of music started to own a new style, which the street musicians introduced.

These street musicians had been delivered lyrical songs with vocal, rhythmic speech in the streets of Europe and America. All their songs and lyrics reflected some cultural origins. As those songs were far different from the profound tone of conventional or religious music, it was not considered part of music’s aristocratic trend. 

 So, the rhythmic vocal style of street music is termed hip hop music. These songs have a rich tone of mixing tracks. And thus, the musicians, as well as artists who have great involvement with that casual vocal lyrical music, became popular as hip hop artists. And gradually, the heavy influence of their lyrics and dressing sense introduced a new culture, named ‘hip hop culture. 

Like the appeal, tone, lyrics, they also had a huge difference in jewelry style with so-called conventional musicians. And their out-of-the-box style of jewelry became familiar as hip hop jewelry.

Hope this interesting fact of hip hop jewelry origin will make you passionate to explore the new designs of hip hop jewelry collections.


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