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Is Data Entry a Legitimate Career in 2021?

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Today, with technology evolving on a daily basis, nothing is safe from being occupied by automation and other innovations. This makes it hard to decide what career it’s best to invest in in the long run. And one of these careers is data entry.

Data entry professionals use data processing programs

To enter information into a given platform or database. They can also be responsible for transcribing data from recordings or phone conversations. It’s a job that doesn’t require much experience. But can grant you a certain edge if you want to continue working in an office environment.

While in the near future it’s likely that data entry will too be taken over by robots and other forms of automation. Today, as a part-time remote job. It’s a completely reliable form of extra income. In fact, there are various legitimate online typist jobs available ever since the pandemic outbreak of 2019.

As a matter of fact, data entry can be a great investment in one’s future. As even if it had limited space to grow. It would still prove to be a great stepping stone toward other legitimate career opportunities.

Data Entry in 2021

Today when people are searching for opportunities to work from home due to the pandemic. Data entry is a godsend. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online working from home. And when searching for these opportunities. One of the most important things to look for is the requirements. Or even what counts as data entry experience.

Most people are pleased to learn that most data entry positions don’t require any specific experience. Or even education type, making it an incredibly easy job to access. This is mainly because due to the nature of work people are doing as data entry clerks. There is no specific experience that can benefit you.

Companies that hire data entry clerks lean toward independent remote contractors. Some of these companies even offer additional jobs. Like entry-level transcription or call center assistance next to the data entry gig. So even if you don’t want to stay in an office environment in the long run. Remote data entry is an excellent stepping stone into the world of freelancing.

It gives you experience, grants you recommendations, and depends on the company. Can be a source of additional experiences, like the aforementioned extra tasks they’re willing to add to data entry projects.

What to Expect From Data Entry Jobs?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

At its core, data entry is something anyone can do. It requires little to no intellectual competence. And no amount of physical or mental exertion is needed. This makes it an amazing job for those who already have a full-time career. Or other obligations tying them down, like children for example.

Data entry also stands for various job positions. Including typists, transcribers, data processors, word processors, clerks, coders, and more. Some of these are great stepping stones towards different careers. But overall, all forms of data entry are known and loved. Because it’s an easy and comfortable way of earning extra money and even networking as a freelancer.

If you own a computer and use it regularly

You most likely already have the basic computer skills required for a data entry job. If you want to take it a step further. The understanding of basic software and applications such as Google Docs and Sheets. And Microsoft Word and Excel are always a bonus.

But the most important skill is the ability to type accurately and quickly. Most data entry jobs go for speed, meaning the faster you can type. The more money you can earn. But it’s all worth nothing if that text is inaccurate.

It’s wise to learn or exercise touch typing before applying for the first gigs. Because not only will it help your skill to type quickly and accurately. You’ll also have an accurate idea of what you can offer. Which is great when negotiating terms. For example, if they ask you how much you want to earn per hour. You can calculate with your skills now. And find the perfect compensation according to that.

Apart from the bare necessities, which are a computer, internet access, and your basic understanding of your device and fast typing, you’ll also probably need some organization skills, especially if you plan on working independently as a freelancer.

As independent freelancers, people need to be prepared for the lack of benefits. Additionally, some people find it hard to get used to project-based payments, as the overall payment may vary each month. On the other hand, you’ll have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to your working hours and workload.

How Automation Influences the Future of Manual Data Entry

The evolution of technology and the digital world has changed all industries immensely. One of the industries that have endured the most change is data management. The changes to this field will continue coming in the years to come, meaning that people who work with data in any form will have to adjust to them.

The biggest catalysts behind the industry-wide shift toward the evolution of automated technologies are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This shift will allow us to manage data in the best way possible, but it also means the introduction of new innovations in the field.

AI and ML have created a path for the evolution of various forms and applications of automation. These systems are being used across a spectrum of different systems and databases all over the world and in every industry.

Traditional (manual) data entry services are being transformed by automation, resulting in quicker and more accurate results. Some might think that due to this change, data entry will be consumed entirely by robotics and automation. But the truth is, that data entries specialists will not become obsolete.

The skill sets and requirements of these specialists will shift, as they will be needed not to enter the data themselves, but to manually support the automated systems put in place. This means managing the upkeep of these devices and updating them as needed.

Forms Processing Data Entry

Forms processing is a type of data entry related to capturing and converting information into a digital format. Automation has altered this form of data entry beyond its simple use. Today, this includes payroll processing, account, and legal forms, and more.

CRM Data Entry

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) is a system made for managing a company’s interactions with customers. It uses various types of technology to organize, automate and synchronize the process of sales, marketing, tech support, and even customer service.

Today, these areas of business have grown and companies are implementing improved customer segmentation and personalized marketing for a better operation. The management of CRM data is a wide spectrum, and a lot of opportunities are emerging in the field of CRM data entry.

Customizing Needs

Today, the complex world of data cannot be avoided. It’s a part of everyone’s life, especially if someone is a business owner. So to make understanding and managing data easier, data entries automation has been introduced. But this does not mean that manual data entry services will not be needed in the future.

Manual data entry will continue to be needed because with the introduction of smarter technology comes the ability to meet modern demands and the customized needs of clients across industries.

Cost Efficiency

The most obvious reason for people to opt for manual data entry is that it’s cheaper than specialized machine systems and various programs. Because of this, a lot of smaller companies with less data-processing needs will lean toward hiring data entries specialists instead of buying expensive machines.


Using data entry specialists means that the company has more control over projects. This includes control over categories, characters, numbers, fields, and other data-related needs. The ability and flexibility that allow people to implement these unique needs are very important to some companies.

Better Data Validation

Accuracy and precision are some of the most important things when it comes to data entries. And while accuracy is stronger in a programmable computer, sometimes precision can only be achieved with specialized human expertise.

This is mainly because all automated systems require specific data to operate, and if the data is of poor quality, it can impede processes, create biases, and overall can cause redundant data collection. This means if a company doesn’t have the financial or other resources to implement and program the best equipment, the overall result can be worse than if they hired a human expert.


Overall, data entry is not a dead profession, it is simply undergoing incredible amounts of change. But today, it is excellent for two things. Firstly, it’s a great way to access extra income from home. Secondly, it’s a great stepping stone into the world of data, which is proving to become more important and lucrative than ever.


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