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Is British passport powerful?

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According to the 2021 Henley Passport Index report, there has been some excellent news for all British nationals. British passport ranks 7th as the most influential and powerful passports of the world. The United Kingdom has also jumped one spot above and now ranks as the 5th major economy in the world. 

Along with Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the US, UK citizens can visit 185 countries visa-free. Once you have your UK citizenship application approved, you will get some of the most significant benefits.

The British passport certainly is powerful and rewarding.

You can live permanently in the UK.

 One can enjoy the great benefits of settling in the UK, including the freedom to purchase your land, work, open a bank account, access public funds, etc. 

Free medical and health care benefits

Under the UK National Health Service, all British citizens avail free healthcare and treatment. The UK is known for some of the best hospitals and nursing care in the world.

Work without restrictions

You can freely lookout for work opportunities without seeking a work permit and job restriction. Like any other British citizen, you will have the unrestricted right to choose the work of your choice. British citizens can also avail unemployment allowances.

Secure society and economy

The British Pound is a robust, reliable and powerful currency. As the economy is rising, the country has emerged resilient under the global financial crisis. The country is safe to live and raise your children in a violence-free environment. The transparency in the working of the government makes it easier for citizens to feel secure and eased in mind, and for any criminal activity, strict actions are taken.

Unrestricted entry and travel to the UK

Once your British citizenship application is approved, you can apply for a UK passport. That means you will be free from immigration controls. The successful UK citizenship application ensures that you have unrestricted travel, work or study opportunities in the UK. One can also apply their dependents to join them in the British citizenship application. 

The right to vote

All British citizens born and naturalised citizens have full rights, including voting in a parliamentary. To vote, one must have his/her name on the register of electors, known as the electoral register in the United Kingdom.

Contesting for office

If you are 18 years or over, you can contest for public office in the United Kingdom. UK citizens aged 18 years or over can stand for public office. However, there are some exceptions for the armed forces personnel, civil servants and people convicted or charged for any criminal offences in the UK.

Benefits of European Union

As a British citizen, you have the advantages of being a European Union (EU) citizen. For example, you can travel, live and work anywhere in the EU without any special permits.

Conclusion: The British passport is very reliable and robust and gives you freedom of travel, work or study in the UK. While you may be seeking a British passport, one can take the support of immigration lawyers who are experts in the British Citizenship application and keep you abreast with the latest UK immigration news

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